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Building customer confidence, the first task in reopening for many businesses

BusinessBuilding customer confidence, the first task in reopening for many businesses

Many businesses are opening again today. Others hope to do so next week. The uncertainty of what health protocols to follow is a general concern. Because building customer confidence will be the first task in many business re-openings. That’s why having some knowledge on behavioral segmentation is important. The fear of contagion is in many people. But so is the fear of an upsurge and going back to a confinement that would be even harder.

Nobody wants that. Not companies, not customers. And on the other hand they have to ensure the health of their workers. That is why companies will make every effort to show their customers that they can return to these establishments in complete safety. But it will not be a week’s work.

We’ll have to wait a while. The change does not take place in a week. Maybe not even in a month. But the aim is to reach the summer with the confidence of consumers and regular customers restored. We are used to this new form of business relationship that will become the norm during the autumn and winter that await us.

Companies have to do their part by being strict. Because part of the arrival of these customers will be related to this way of working that guarantees safety. And it is something that the client must perceive that he is going to be grateful for. And be careful not to relax the protocols, because if a business is at the origin of a focus can be a serious problem.

So far the closest thing we have seen is food poisoning that a business may have caused. And this means a crisis of reputation that under normal conditions is almost impossible to get back into business. Now with less income and fewer customers it is even more complicated.

Can we imagine a hairdresser’s shop that has not taken the necessary measures and has infected all the customers who passed by? Could it survive the closure and the loss of confidence of all its customers? The same can be said of a café, a clothing shop, etc.


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