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Trump stirs up another battle front with China


The White House wants to speed up the process of American companies leaving China. Either by imposing new tariffs and taxes, or by helping themselves with positive incentives, such as subsidies and aid of all kinds. The objective of the US government is to reduce the country’s dependence on the Chinese market and, above all, to get certain American manufacturers, especially those dedicated to sectors considered key, to leave the Asian giant and return to the United States.

The objective is twofold. On the one hand, President Donald Trump would be faithful to the protectionist messages that brought him to the presidency in 2016, an ideological metal that rumbles with force while globalization suffers the onslaught of the pandemic. But the rumors also allow him to regain oxygen and support while criticism of the government’s handling of the coronavirus grows stronger.

However, if confirmed, the world would once again approach the dreaded trade war. The memory of the good old days when the Chinese government forgave the tariffs for more than a dozen products imported from the United States and the desire for the United States to relieve its battery of taxes on Chinese products would be far away. From a moment when war seemed inevitable the two countries seemed to reach a kind of entente. A temporary cessation of hostilities that even sought a sort of draft or principle of agreement.


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