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How can we stay focused if we have to work from home for a while now?


Improving concentration is key to being able to work from home without prolonging hours indefinitely

  • Use the best hours of the day for the most important tasks, those that require the most concentration, not for answering emails or doing routine tasks.
  • Stay away from time thieves, such as social networks and especially mobile phones. It is an exercise in self-discipline that we have to impose on ourselves so that those two minutes of pause do not turn into a lost hour.
  • Video conference can perfectly become a thief of time. It is better in groups as small as possible, no more than 5 people, with a previous agenda and if possible no more than 15 minutes. Better several short ones than eternal virtual meetings. Although this often does not depend on us.
  • You have a phone, use it to talk. We’re not in the office with the rest of the colleagues. We don’t have the same fluid communication. Instead of sending endless emails or bombarding us with instant messages, better to pick up the phone, have a 5-minute conversation and save ourselves a chain of endless emails.
  • Pause and get up (but stay away from the fridge). We can’t stay focused forever.
  • Clean your work area. Someone in your office may do it for you, but they won’t come to your house to do it.
  • Disconnect, and and it doesn’t apply just for the computer. When time’s up, it’s up. We’ll try to be more productive tomorrow. We don’t have to get into the routine of prolonging work time. But I also mean answering emails and messages after hours. Spend your free time on other things not related to work.


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