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Would you like to use your artistic skills to sell handmade products on Instagram?


If you’re great at making handmade items, and you’re also fluent in social media, you’ve just found an excellent business idea.

Even more so if you consider that during the months of confinement, internet use grew by 60% in OECD countries and social network use increased by 55%. We are at a good time to exploit the options that Instagram offers as a sales channel for handmade products.

In this post we are going to give you some tips to make better use of Instagram as a channel to promote and showcase your products. In a second post, we’ll show you how to set up (by hand) 😀 a simple store to sell your handmade products.

The four ideas that you must take into account to turn your work in social networks into sales are

1.- Show the real craftsman

Handmade products are not manufactured on a large scale, but are carefully made with attention to detail, which increases their quality.

Hence the importance of getting users to know more about their creator, i.e. the person behind the manufacture of these unique, special, and exclusive items. Instagram is the perfect showcase. The client wants to see faces, he wants to know who is behind creating the product.

2.- Pamper the photographs

Instagram is a tremendously visual network where images play a fundamental role and it is very important that the photographs you upload to the platform show the handmade product clearly and also convey emotions, sensations and a unique and very personal atmosphere.

The more beautiful, clear and striking the images of your handmade products are, the easier it will be for you to succeed in selling handmade products by Instagram.

3.- Make the most of the stories

Stories are one of Instagram’s strengths because they allow important moments of everyday life to be uploaded to the web in both image and video format.

If you like to make products by hand, stories will help you show your followers the process of creating the article, the final result or the materials you have used, for example. In this way, you will connect even more with your audience and help them get to know better the person behind the handmade products.

4.- Create a company profile

If you are planning to sell handmade products on Instagram, one of the first steps will be to create a company profile instead of a personal account. When setting up your profile, remember to add a link to your ecommerce, if you already have one.


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