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Copywriting for SEO: How to write for Google


The quality of the copy always: it is as important as having good pictures, a page that works well or that loads quickly.

They are essential elements in the user experience. Yes, we talk about user and not bots or search engines because, also in SEO, you have to have the user in the center of the strategy.

We are not talking here about keyword research because it is something prior to any SEO work. Everyone must know what they are selling and how customers are looking for them. On that basis, SEO is applied.

Ideas that you should always keep in mind:

#1 – Write for people, optimize for machines

Write the text first according to the principles of copywriting: one that is attractive, descriptive and persuasive, even if you have the search intention you want to satisfy.

With the text already written, make the necessary adjustments to give the search engine a little extra context about which search this page is relevant to.

#2 – Rank it correctly

The text must be structured in different blocks and headings. This, again, helps with readability on the part of the user, who often recoils from solid text.

It is important for the search engine to define the relationship between the different blocks: to know what one has to do with another and how it completes the different attributes and characteristics. To do this, the header system is used.

<H1> Main title
Summary of the main features

<H2> Advantages

<H3> Details

<H3> Details

<H2> Product description

<H2> Product reviews

As you can see, there is only one H1 and the rest of the Hx, which if they admit more than one variation are structured by nesting with each other.

Titles and subtitles are basic in SEO, because they put the search engine in position and they must contain the main keywords for which we pursue the ranking.

#3 – Write with sufficient length

In this case, it is natural to use something between 200 and 400 words in total) but I recommend you always avoid putting a phrase to comply (this is thin content for search engines and is not representative), and do not copy the description of the manufacturer or another store because that is considered duplicate content and can penalize you.

#4 – Alt text for photos: accessibility and SEO

If we use this tag, which is designed to allow visually impaired people to know what is behind each image, the search engine will also be able to understand more precisely what this content is.

#5 – Make sure you resolve search intentions

We usually talk about keywords, but in reality these only represent or synthesize a search intention.

Think about what buyers are looking for. No one is going to look for the Xc456 hyperbaric filter coffee maker, but what buyers are interested in is “coffee maker for coffee to make good use of coffee”. Offer them that on Google and then explain why the Xc456 is the best machine for that type of coffee.


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