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Sharing contact via QR code on WhatsApp, the new digital business card?

BusinessSharing contact via QR code on WhatsApp, the new digital business card?

In the 21st century and a digital world, the card is still a reminder of the past, to which in one way or another technology has failed to improve its functionality until now, because with the QR code contact sharing feature in WhatsApp, it could be the new digital business card.

The truth is that there have been great alternatives for years in the digital world that came to cover some of the shortcomings of the traditional business card, obsolescence. When I changed a piece of information, the business card became obsolete. The downside is that none has achieved such a degree of universality that it is in fact used by most of the world.

The new feature being tested in the WhasApp beta includes the possibility to create a QR code with our contact details.
What is missing from this feature to win this race? Well, something that many of the digital business card apps implemented at the time and WhatsApp does not have, the possibility to create a more professional profile, some additional data from our company, etc.

When we want to provide our contact details, we can show the code to someone else to read and store it directly in their address book. And it comes at a time when many of us have become accustomed to reading QRs because of the incidence of the COVID-19 pandemic. It won’t have the ritual of paper card exchange, but it will be much more effective.

The question I have is whether WhatsApp really cares about the professional world or not. Its business version has been a good start, but it doesn’t seem to want to become a communication tool for teams like Slack or Teams although it is already well established in the business world.


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