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Digital advertising spending in the U.S.: Google falls, Amazon and Facebook rise

BusinessDigital advertising spending in the U.S.: Google falls, Amazon and Facebook rise

eMarketer returns with discouraging data for the digital advertising sector in the United States. Online advertising spending has been growing at a double-digit rate for years, but the pandemic has changed this trend. The company forecasts that the sector will grow by only 1.7% this year.

eMarketer has just updated its forecasts following the arrival of the pandemic. Before this situation, the growth expectation was almost 17%. “Instead of an incremental spending of $22 billion, we now forecast only $2.2 billion in additional investment this year,” eMarketer said in its study.

Spending on search engines will decrease this year. The main reason for this fall is that the tourism sector is the one that invests the most in it, and with the discouraging forecasts for the sector, it will reduce its investment a lot. Meanwhile, the video is crowning again. But traditional media channels will be affected even more than the digital ones described in this report: spending on advertising in television, print and radio will fall by double-digit rates this year.

What will happen to the three biggest companies in the sector? The truth is that trends are separated. On the one hand, Google will fall 5.3% to $ 39,580 millions.

Meanwhile, Facebook and Amazon will continue to grow, but the growth rate will be lower than in previous years. eMarketer estimates that the trio of giants will earn approximately the same in 2020 as in 2019, but with a somewhat different internal breakdown.


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