Minecraft will never go out of style, or so the data indicates, the title released in 2011 is still in full swing in 2020 with over 200 million copies sold. This explains how its latest release, Dungeons, has already surpassed Animal Crossing as the most popular title in the Nintendo Switch store.

This tremendous release has not gone unnoticed by other companies that are rubbing their hands in the idea of collaborating with the Mojang franchise: Kellogg’s has announced a Minecraft cereal, under the name of cinnamon-flavored Creeper Crunch that will arrive in stores in August in the United States.

The cereal includes granulated pieces that resemble the famous Cheerios but in a square format and with small green marshmallows representing those of the game. The product will offer two different sizes and each box will include a code for in-game clothing such as capes and jackets.


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