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3 ideas for generating income from home via the Internet (2 of 3)


It is no secret that the difficult circumstances in which we live today, in the midst of a pandemic, have led us to radically change our ways of living and working. Many businesses have been forced to close indefinitely and many others have disappeared completely, causing millions of jobs to be lost globally.

What can we do if we have lost our jobs and have no other sources of income?

Fortunately, today we have a very powerful tool to be able to undertake at a very low cost and practically from anywhere, even from the comfort of our own home. That tool is the Internet.

Here are three online business ideas you can explore to generate income without leaving home. However, before starting, it is important to clarify that all these ideas require a lot of patience, discipline and strategy to achieve sustainable results, so it is up to you to go deeper into the idea that you find interesting and commit to develop it successfully.

      1. Dropshipping
      2. Pictures and videos in stock
      3. Sale of online courses

Now, let’s get started!

2. Pictures and videos in stock

It is very common that, thanks to the facilities of our time to get quality technology, a large number of people cultivate a hobby for photography, capturing their best moments, landscapes, sunsets, animals, portraits and so on. What many don’t know is that, through that rich and varied gallery stored in their devices, they can generate a source of income with the online sale of their own images and videos that have a decent quality.

To start making money with this method, the first thing you have to do is to put your creativity into play and have the best tools, whether it’s with your mobile phone or any digital camera, because the quality of your tools will be reflected in your income: poor quality is usually not accepted. Once you have obtained a good number of photos or videos that you consider valuable, what you have to do is to search the web for all those platforms dedicated to the storage of graphic content for sale to companies, advertising agencies and individuals, who will visit the web and pay to use your material for editorial or commercial purposes. Some of these platforms are Shutterstock, Adobe Stock and DepositPhotos, among many others.

In these media there are several payment methods and modalities. Two of the most common methods are “microstock” and “macrostock”. When you publish a photo in a microstock, your proposals will have a low cost, around $1 dollar per photo, but, with the advantage that it can be sold many times and through different pages, so, for example: it could be sold for $1 or $2 dollars about fifty times, which would be a sum of $50 or $100 dollars. On the other hand, in the “macrostock” modality, the opposite happens: the image will be sold for a value, generally, higher than $50, but this proposal has restrictions, because when it is sold it has exclusive rights, so you will not be able to upload the photo in several sites or sell it in more than one opportunity.

Another usual way of this market is the editorial and commercial photography, so you will have to choose in which environment you prefer to move, which sector your proposals are aimed at, if the most competitive sector of the commercial or the quietest of the editorial.

A couple of important tips to keep in mind if you want to get into this business: first of all, you must be very careful, because some trademarks cannot appear in your photographs and you must also have written and signed permission from the people (whether models or passers-by) who appear in your photos. And secondly, whenever you publish a photograph, remember to add a series of tags to make it easier to search through the image banks, and thus achieve more sales.

One of the biggest difficulties of entrepreneurs who upload their images and do not spend enough time on it, is that they do not exceed the threshold with which they can start receiving their income, since most sites set a minimum of $ 20 or $ 30 dollars to apply for the balance.

As in every business, a lot of patience is required at the beginning, but once you have a significant amount of graphic content published, you will be able to enjoy recurring income on automatic pilot.


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