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3 ideas for generating income from home via the Internet (3 of 3)

Business3 ideas for generating income from home via the Internet (3 of 3)

It is no secret that the difficult circumstances in which we live today, in the midst of a pandemic, have led us to radically change our ways of living and working. Many businesses have been forced to close indefinitely and many others have disappeared completely, causing millions of jobs to be lost globally.

What can we do if we have lost our jobs and have no other sources of income?

Fortunately, today we have a very powerful tool to be able to undertake at a very low cost and practically from anywhere, even from the comfort of our own home. That tool is the Internet.

Here are three online business ideas you can explore to generate income without leaving home. However, before starting, it is important to clarify that all these ideas require a lot of patience, discipline and strategy to achieve sustainable results, so it is up to you to go deeper into the idea that you find interesting and commit to develop it successfully.

      1. Dropshipping
      2. Pictures and videos in stock
      3. Sale of online courses

Now, let’s get started!

3. Sale of online courses

If you have extensive knowledge and experience about a specific topic, you may be interested in the web-based course sales model.

To create and market an online course, you can use external platforms such as Udemy, Hotmart, Scuela and Teachable, or create your own platform with a CMS such as WordPress, Chamilo, Moodle and Google Course Builder.

Something that you must take into account when starting a project like this, and that not everyone has in mind, is that the way you offer your course is as important as the content of it, because it is quite common in this medium that there are professionals, with a lot of knowledge about a topic, who never knew how to make their content visible. Therefore, the first thing you must plan very well is how you are going to promote your product and what your sales strategies will be.

An excellent strategy is to do content marketing, that is, to publish valuable information related to your area of expertise so that your potential customers can get to know you and establish a relationship with them. Once a certain “web reputation” has been established, you begin with the development of high quality audiovisual content for the classes, without forgetting one detail: creating entertaining and dynamic materials that seek to engage the viewer, as another of the most common mistakes made by some entrepreneurs in this sector is to make material that becomes boring and uninteresting, and to opt for presentations with more friendly content. With tools like Canva and Visme you can create pleasant and impressive presentations.

In order to make your content even more visible, another common resource is the investment in advertising that is generated in other websites related to the topic of your course.


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