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Tips for investing in digital advertising after the coronavirus

BusinessTips for investing in digital advertising after the coronavirus

During the confinement, companies were more cautious about investing in advertising, as people could not physically go to the stores to buy. Thus, investment in advertising was reduced in the first half of 2020 by 27.9%. Little by little, the economy is beginning to return to normal. However, there are still doubts and uncertainty about the future. And, in this situation, it is logical that many companies continue to be cautious about launching an advertising campaign. Nevertheless, consumption has improved, and it is a good time to invest in advertising again. Businesses that advertise now can get better prices and will have less competition.

This simple guide defines a good digital advertising campaign and how to make the most of it in the current situation:

1. Segment the audience you want to target
We have to study carefully which consumer we are looking for: age, sex, interests… In this way, we will create an advertising message that is attractive to them.

In addition, knowing the target audience is essential for choosing the platform on which to advertise. For example, if a company decides to advertise on social networks, it must take into account what kind of users it will find on each of them.

2. Setting the budget
The price of an advertising campaign varies greatly depending on the platform chosen. For example, the initial investment needed for a campaign on social networks (especially on Facebook) is quite small, so it is usually a good option to start.

3. Determining the target
There are many reasons to create an advertising campaign: to attract new customers, to build customer loyalty, to strengthen the brand image, to inform about new products… And for each of them you will have to act in a different way.

First of all, each objective means launching a different message. If the company wants to attract new customers, the advertisement must inform about the company’s products in an attractive way for the target audience. But if you want to build customer loyalty, the message must focus on reminding them why they like your products.

Secondly, the objective will determine the platform. For example, if the ad is focused on attracting new customers, it should be launched where it will have the most visibility among the target audience.

4. Create a strong brand image that is reflected in advertising
A company’s brand image depends on many factors. Your logo, the colors you use or the tone with which you address your customers are some of the elements that influence how consumers perceive you. A good brand image will make your company stand out from the crowd and be easily recognized by consumers.

Creating a brand image is a continuous process that should never be neglected. The key is to show the world how we want them to think of us. Therefore, we will have to define the company’s aesthetics and the way to interact with customers (fun, serious, formal, close…).

That image must be reflected in the advertising we do. The consumer associates each brand with values and aesthetics, so he will expect to see the same in advertising. And, if he does not know the company, the advertising will show him just the image that the brand wants to transmit.

5. Choose the strategy that best suits the audience, budget and objective
There are a variety of ways to do digital advertising. The most traditional is the purchase of advertising space in the media, but there are many other options. These are some of the most interesting for SMEs:

Google Ads. Its most well-known use is to appear in the first positions of Google when someone searches for certain keywords. For example, a bookstore in Boston can pay to have its website appear at the top with the label “Advertisement” when someone searches for “buy books in Boston”.

Social media campaigns. This is one of the best ways to make yourself known. It is quite inexpensive and allows you to easily monitor the results. However, since there are many social networks, it involves doing a small preliminary study of which platform is more convenient for the company. Each social network has its own characteristics and allows different types of ads.

Email marketing. It is a strategy that has been quite exploited in recent years. It can be difficult to get it to succeed and for emails not to end up in the spam folder. But, if done well, it can be useful for any type of business, it is quite simple and does not involve many costs.

Content marketing. It consists of creating interesting content for the target audience, in order to improve the positioning in search engines. It is a campaign that requires some more time and work, but very useful to boost the SEO positioning of the website and attract more traffic.

6. Dedicate resources to the positioning of the website
Boosting SEO is essential for any business in the digital age. Achieving good SEO positioning allows you to appear in the first results of Google without having to pay. With it, any company can get more visibility and attract more visitors to its website, while improving its credibility and reputation.

Content campaigns are very useful for positioning key words or expressions for the business. Other techniques that work to achieve basic SEO are boosting traffic (for example, with email marketing or social networks) and having a website optimized for search engines.

7. Measure and analyze the impact
When investing in digital advertising, it is important to diversify. The total budget should go for several ads or campaigns. If it is the first time that a freelancer or SME is advertising, the most advisable thing to do is to carry out a campaign that does not imply an excessive investment and monitor the results to know if the campaign is being successful. This way, we will know if we have to redirect the strategy, invest more money in the next one or if we have to discard it in the future.

If you have doubts about the money to invest and how to analyze the impact achieved, the best thing to do is to go to agencies specializing in marketing and digital advertising.

During the confinement, Internet consumption in homes skyrocketed, and in contrast, investment in advertising was reduced. Now that the economy is starting to recover, it is time to re-advertise and give visibility to the business. Those companies that have invested more in advertising after the crisis are becoming more visible to Internet users, since after this period of confinement consumers have continued to make many purchases through the online channel.


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