After several days of growth from a very positive base since the April shareholder conference, Apple has just reached a market capitalization of over two trillion dollars. As with the first trillion cut, Apple is the first company in the world to reach this figure.

Although it may have been some time ago, it might have seemed like only yesterday that Apple was reaching the price of its first trillion dollars. Now, two years after its first world record in this regard, the company is making headlines again by doubling its value in what can be considered record time.

Within the macroeconomic framework in which we find ourselves, the big technology companies have experienced a significant rise, as more and more people around the world have relied on their products to continue their daily lives. Apple, after reporting a record quarter on April 30th, especially thanks to sales of the iPhone SE (2020), was already starting from a position of advantage to break its own record.

Looking back, it must be said that at certain times the possibility of reaching such a figure was much more distant than it has become. The share price reached a low of $230 in mid-March, but has gradually recovered until yesterday, as it crossed the threshold of $467.77.

A record figure that comes just days before a 4 to 1 stock split that will lower the price of shares by dividing it by four and allowing the small investor to enter into one of the most profitable shares of many selective.

Everything seems to indicate that the direction taken by Apple in some fields has led and continues to lead to great success. From the timely launch of the iPhone SE (2020) to the start of its service division expansion with Apple TV+. A direction that is sure to be driven by the much talked about iPhone 12 this fall.


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