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3 easy ways to find keywords related to your business on Google


The search for keywords is one of the basic pillars in a basic positioning strategy.

On the Internet and due to the nature of our own business, we have multiple options to find these keywords.

However, today we offer you 3 original ways to find interesting keywords, taking advantage of the different options that Google offers us, both directly and through its search results.

Google search tips

Surely you have ever started to search for something in Google and the search engine itself has suggested potential searches. Perhaps they have coincided with your interests or perhaps not, but it is clear that if they suggest them, there is a reason for it.

In this regard, we recommend that you pay attention to the variables that the search engine proposes, since they represent searches with a potential number of users, which could be interesting for your objectives and you have not considered them until now.

Make a list of these suggestions and try to analyze what results it offers, what competition really exists and, of course, what possible profitability an optimization towards them would offer.

Other questions from users

If the SEO positioning of main keywords towards your site answers some specific question, such as the definition of a concept, now Google suggests other questions that users ask themselves.

This information is interesting for you in two ways. Firstly, because it can help you optimize your current content, if it doesn’t answer all the questions posed.

Secondly, because it can also help you plan the creation of new pages on your site, which focus specifically on the questions that other users ask and take advantage of the search engine to do so.

Keyword + forum

The forums are still a fertile environment for ideas for your SEO strategy today. Do the Google search for your main keyword, next to the strategic keyword “forum”. When you find related forums, you’ll see that users often raise important issues, which they don’t find in the search results.

This is an important opportunity to position yourself for this type of content, since it represents that the existing competition either does not offer the information that users are looking for or is not well positioned.

Optimizing your content towards these objectives will help you find potential visitors, probably with much greater profitability than opting for more general and competitive keywords.


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