Balloons are one of the most popular decorative accessories available. And in large part this is because they are eye-catching, fun, and inexpensive.

That’s why they have also become a great advertising ally in professional events, marketing campaigns in large shopping centers and in window dressing.
If you are thinking of organizing or participating in a promotional event soon or you want to highlight a new promotion or seasonal campaign in your physical location, here we bring you four ideas for you to use personalized balloons with your logo and your brand message and get the attention of the attendees.

Personalize the photocall area

If you are participating in a professional event with other companies, the photocall area will most likely be prepared by the event organizers and highlight the brands of their sponsors.

But if you are preparing your own event, such as a store opening or an anniversary party, it is your time to show off and make your guests feel special. For that, the photocall is a great resource and you don’t need to have too much space.

Look for a space where you can place a plain background (if possible in one color) and delimit it with balloons personalized with your brand identity and your logo.

Ideally, you should have someone who can welcome your guests and take their photos and then share them on social networks.

You can also encourage attendees to have fun on the photocall and then upload the photos with some hashtag of the event and tagging your brand.

Create columns or pillars with balloons

Creating a pair of balloon columns with your brand is a great idea to draw attention to where an event is taking place or where your stand is located at a fair, market or hall.

Balloon columns stand out because they can gain a lot of height. And they don’t have to be totally straight columns either, as you can play with different shapes and styles of balloons.

Decorate a table, screen or billboard

In this case, the balloons will be your allies in directing attention to the specific place you want people to notice.

It can be a table where you offer important information or a screen or billboard with advertising messages.

It also works if you want to highlight something in your window. People associate the balloons with some celebration, gift, prize or promotion.

Balloon displays are very eye-catching and ensure that many people will come to see it in detail.

Prepare balloons to give to the children

If your target audience includes people with small children, then balloons will always succeed.

Little ones love receiving balloons and their families will also be delighted because it is distracting and fun.

You can think about including some detail inside the balloons (like confetti). Of course, you have to make sure that after the event it will not be a nuisance to clean the space, because the kids will prick as many balloons as they can!

Another advantage of gift balloons is that they give you more visibility. The little ones will walk them around in various places and, as we mentioned, who doesn’t notice a balloon when they see it in the street?


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