The digital sector is one of the sectors that moves the most over the years, even several times a year. That’s why new professionals are emerging to help in digital marketing. This has been the case with the digital trafficker, a new profession that is now in great demand and which, although it was already known, and some were even dedicated to it, now receives a name of its own that gives it, perhaps, greater importance.

What is a digital trafficker?

We could define a digital trafficker as a person who is responsible for getting qualified traffic to a website that this is focused on the target audience of the company itself.

For example, imagine you have a leisure company focused on children. But really your target is not the children themselves, but the parents. If the traffic you receive is only from children who want to “play” because you have an online game on your website, it will not become a client. However, if the traffic changes for the parents, it is possible that they will start trying out the services and products you have.

What are the functions of the digital trafficker

However, a digital trafficker, like many other digital marketing professions, cannot know everything, but must be specialized in a particular branch. And in this case, their functions are well defined. In fact, asking for something more than these functions will only mean that you don’t really know what a professional in this job does.

Auditing the advertising strategy

The first thing you will do when a client requests the services is to conduct a review of the current advertising strategy, if you have one, of course. What does that mean? That you will analyze the data and results looking for some mistakes or something that has made the final objective not be met. And even, if it is fulfilled, it will seek to make small changes with the aim of improving those results.

For this reason, you will look, for example, at the type of campaigns, at the ads that have been placed, at the segmentation, or at the conversion percentage. It will also analyze the competition, to see if they have had the same results, what they have done that the company has not considered, etc.

Planning a new strategy

The next step and function of a digital trafficker is to establish a new advertising strategy with the changes you may have thought of to obtain a greater benefit from those campaigns you carry out.

Create the advertising campaigns

Based on the above, you will be in charge of creating the advertising campaigns where you have established that you are going to put them (Google, Facebook, Instagram…).

He will constantly be reviewing those campaigns in order to make the relevant changes with the aim of achieving the maximum benefit of the company. Of course, he will be governed by a budget, but his goal is to make the most of it. He must be in constant communication with the client to let him know the results he obtains as well as if he fulfills the objectives.

What you need to know to be a digital trafficker

Finally, we want to talk about the “training” you would need to become a digital trafficker. In addition, you must be aware that this work requires constant training because digital marketing is changing and dynamic, so you must always be aware of the latest changes to make your work work.

The three basic requirements are:

  • Have a basic training in digital marketing. This way, you will know a little bit of everything related to this world.
  • Be specialized in a sector, whether Google Ads, ecommerce, infoproduct, Social Ads … For this, nothing like doing courses related to these topics. It is important not to want to cover more. Only when you already master and feel comfortable in one, you can go for another sector. But it is better to start with one first and then diversify.
  • Have practice. Sometimes, having your own website to start up what you do to prove your worth can help you, and you will also reach more people yourself.

When does a digital trafficker charge

And now, the big question: how much does a digital trafficker charge? Maybe that’s what you’re wondering, if it charges well, if it’s cheap. In fact, right now there are two groups that are asking this question: those who might want to pursue this profession, and those who want to hire a professional of this.

The answer is not a specific figure, but you should know that the salary is quite high, starting at $60,000. And this, even if you think it’s too much, is because they are worth it. Keep in mind that we are talking about a person who is looking for quality traffic with which you will get very positive results. That’s why their work is expensive.


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