The email campaigns are increasingly strong, people thought that it would become an obsolete channel, but today it has been proven that companies classify it as a favorite channel because of all those advantages it offers: direct contact with the public, it is economical and effective to meet the business objectives you set.

However, if email marketing is not properly executed and managed, it may not reach your customers’ inboxes directly and get lost along the way. Or in the worst case, you may have a very low open rate. What is the error you should identify to correct it and thus improve results? Why are your campaigns not generating the clicks you expected?

In this article I will tell you what are the details you should keep in mind when sending your email marketing campaigns or newsletters and make sure they really open.

The 5 insights that will improve your mailing campaigns

Insights is one of the most used terms in digital marketing, but why are they so interesting? Because finding that connection between your brand and the consumer will make all the difference.

1. Who sends this email?

There’s nothing worse than receiving an email with an unrecognizable sender’s name. I don’t think so, it would go straight to the trash. It is very suspicious to receive an email from a company about a product that you have never bought or to click on a malicious email.

That’s why it’s so important to have your own domain name. You want to generate trust with your clients and prospects and for them it is important to feel safe and identify with your corporate image.

Imagine that you are preparing an email marketing campaign but it gets lost in the spam folder. Do you want to run that risk just because you don’t have your own domain name? I’m sure you don’t.

Creating your domain name with the name of your company or brand is not that expensive and if you want to generate credibility and clicks, it’s time to do it and go according to what you want to sell or promote.

2. Neither ‘free’, nor ‘urgent’, nor “you’ve been ripped off”.

At some point in our lives everyone has received a spam and the saddest thing is that there are people who receive it every day. That’s why the subject line is so important for your email campaign to be successful and effective.

We know it is not one of the easiest parts and that is why it is usually left to the last. In that sentence the goal is to delight, attract and get the attention of your contacts. If they like the subject line, they will click on it to enter and increase the engagement and return on investment.

Even if you are not a spammer, it is important that you avoid using spam words like: free, call now, be your own boss, urgent, have you been scammed, lottery, among others.

3. When is the best time to send your emails?

It is not the same to send a campaign first thing on Monday than on Thursday (there is a difference) and maybe that is the reason why your campaigns are not succeeding as you expected.

In order to know the perfect day and time to send your emails, you have to study your target and identify their needs or likes that you are going to satisfy.

Mondays and Fridays are not the favorite days to send an email. The first one: because it is the return of the weekend and people accumulate all the messages and will choose what and which ones to read, yours might not. The second: because the weekend is coming and people have their minds on other things and don’t want to be glued to the computer anymore.

So choose to send your campaigns on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday that will most likely have a higher open rate. Obviously, it is advisable that you do different tests, for example A/B tests, to see what works best for you.

Of course, in the course of your campaign you will be able to choose several routes that will bring you closer to meeting all your goals.

4. The campaign is giving them what they want, what they were looking for.

There is nothing better than finding what you want or are looking for, it is like winning the lottery but without having bought it. And that’s exactly what your customers want. You’ve had time to analyze them, get to know them, segment user groups according to their interests, tastes and needs, and personalize them. Take advantage of this and send the offer or promotion to the customers you know you will persuade immediately.

You have to include links or elements that stimulate and support the emotions so that the subscriber clicks on the final action, but avoid including links to other pages that generate confusion or waste time because what you want is for that valuable traffic in your campaign to be converted into sales.

5. Your customer’s opinion should matter

Knowing the comments of your customers will help you know what they liked or didn’t like and the experience they had with your products and/or services. And based on this information you can optimize or make changes to improve.

Making your customers’ opinions valid will show that you have a humane attitude and that you care about what they express to you. On the other hand, you are committed to offering them a unique and different experience because if you don’t, the competition will.

To collect this feedback you can use contact forms that you can include in your newsletter or campaign that you send and accompany it with a sentence that draws attention, for example: “We want to read you, leave us your comments here”.
To keep in mind:

As we have seen throughout this article, if you apply these 5 tips, it is possible that your email marketing campaigns have the highest open rate and generate the most traffic and that, on the contrary, you don’t end up in spam.


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