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Can you change your domain name without losing SEO positioning?


When we have to face the change of a domain, one of the most important challenges is to maintain the SEO positioning gained, either for the same target keywords or for new ones.

Here are some guidelines to follow when faced with this important strategy, so as not to lose SEO positioning, even when faced with a change of domain name for a very large website.


Before starting any action, make a list of all existing urls. If you know the ones to be created or, at least, the domain construction formula with folders and/or identifiers, create an equivalence table.

There are many programs that can help you do this, the important thing is that, both automatically and manually, this relationship can be created.

In this way, we do not lose any positioning achieved, since we indicate through 301 to our users that the content is simply in another direction other than the one we redirect them to. We indicate it to them and, of course, also to the Google robot.

Update links

The linkbuilding strategy is expensive and dedicated, so losing it now is really a setback that affects us seriously.

Even maintaining the urls by redirection, it is very likely that we will lose descriptions, that we will have to change anchors, etc.

For these reasons, we recommend a strategy of updating link building, which involves both direct contact of external website administrators, as well as direct management of online tools, which allow us to make this edition.

Social media

In recent years, SEO and social networks are very close at the branding level. Searching for the brand of a company or product implies not only finding its official websites, but also the results of social networks.

What happens if we change the name? The problem is that the management of redirections in social networks does not depend on us and we do not have as much control.

Therefore, we have several options for this, depending also on the change of naming that we are going to face.

If we keep the same name, we can keep the social networks, an advantage that will only require updating the design of the profiles and pages to the new website.

If we keep the name only in part, we have the challenge of positioning the new naming and emphasizing the branding so that the previous one is less and less sought after.

In social networks we must ask for integration when possible and notify users of the change. Sometimes we consider the overlapping of two profiles until we get the same followers.

Finally, if we completely change the name, we should have no problem in achieving a positioning by social networks, but we must find strategies with which to build on what has been achieved with the work done so far in old profiles.


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