The market analysis firm SuperData states that during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday days, digital games were sold worldwide for a value of 3,900 million dollars (about 3,200 million euros), a decrease of 10% compared to the same period last year. The company maintains that the drop in spending is due to the arrival of new consoles and the boom in services such as Xbox Game Pass, but adds that this handicap will hardly prevent the sale of digital games from setting a new record in 2020.

Spending on digital games for PCs during the above-mentioned dates increased by 6 % compared to the previous year, a good figure that was hampered by the 13 % drop in console titles. SuperData says that despite the fact that the transition between the last and the current generation is much more fluid than in previous occasions, the lack of stock of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series caused several users to avoid buying games until they could run them in their best version by using one of the two new consoles.

Another factor cited by SuperData to explain this drop in spending on digital games is Xbox Game Pass, a service that, according to the analysis firm, has seen a 216% increase in users compared to October 2019. Xbox Game Pass subscribers have an extensive catalog of games, so they have fewer incentives when looking for offers to buy already available titles that they can access in exchange for a monthly fee of $9.99.

It is worth noting that SuperData does not analyze the sales of Nintendo Switch, a console that throughout the Christmas season will benefit from a constant flow of stock while buying a PS5 or Xbox Series is presented as a mission impossible.


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