We do not know how to improve the processes of many businesses. We do not know what tools we have to improve, to be more productive or more competitive. And the reality is that no matter how much they insist, traditional commerce has many more problems than the lack of digitalization, because to digitize is not only to open a web page to sell.

Many companies and businesses have already done it. They have opened their website, but then they don’t know what to do with it. They wait for customers to arrive and start buying, to become their reference page. There is no understanding of positioning, many of these stores are really invisible, they do not seek to promote it, either through social networks or marketing campaigns. And above all, many times what is offered is not competitive on the Internet.

Let’s take the example of a neighborhood grocery store. This store that sells a little bit of everything. Their products are usually a little more expensive than what we could find in a supermarket, sometimes they can have more variety or be more specialized in some niche. They have the advantage that they are closer to their customers, the purchase is more comfortable, there are no queues, etc.

If you want to sell on the Internet the same as in your neighborhood store you will most likely fail because the type of customer is not the same

This advantage disappears in the purchase through Internet. The products arrive home and it is more convenient for many than to go down and look for where we can find the same thing in our neighborhood. They have the immediacy, you go down to the store, buy it and take it with you. Because if it has to get home the logistics becomes a burden because the shipping costs are higher than a large multinational with much more developed logistics platforms.

But there are also opportunities. This grocery store might not have 20 references of anchovies in its catalog, for example, for its neighbourhood customers. Surely there is not as much demand for this product. But what if we already sell all over the city? What if we do it in the county? It is here where specialization can give us an opportunity, to sell what others do not have, where the big ones go to sell by volume, to many references, but not very specialized.

Digitize to be more efficient and competitive

And then digitize and make the processes efficient. That an order is only taken if there is stock in the warehouse, that the customer is automatically informed that we are preparing the order, that the customer is informed that it is already prepared, but also the logistics company to come and get it.

It is important that the entire billing process is integrated with the same management system that we already have in the store. That we can use it both online and from the store itself. Not having to work twice and reducing errors. That’s what digitalization helps us with. And to gain visibility, to position ourselves well in our product of reference.

Because the success of the sale by Internet only is obtained with much work, constant, of ant. There are no shortcuts, buying followers on social networks that are not our customers will not help us. We don’t want followers for a matter of vanity, we want satisfied customers who have made our online store their reference, who recommend it to others and help us build a solid online community.


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