Companies are about to enter a stage of renewal never seen before. In this context, advanced marketing is emerging as a viable proposal that will allow them to prosper and grow in the right direction, so its implementation will be crucial during 2021, where the biggest challenge will be to regain consumer confidence.

Under this context, the best marketing practices implemented by companies will have to integrate in the best possible way tools such as their website, social media and CRM, in order to stand out in the digital world, so the use of resources such as specialized advice from experts in the field will be another crucial factor for growth.

Broadly speaking, this methodology rethinks the way in which companies develop their marketing efforts, bringing with it a series of innovations that, according to the expert, will drive companies to prosper through 3 aspects

Data to devise better products and experiences

The collection and use of a large amount of data allows companies to devise experiences that are focused on the needs of consumers, and even work in alignment to create strategies for greater impact.

To do this, advanced marketing contemplates the implementation of tools such as the Marketing Information System (MIS), in order to obtain enormous volumes of data from various sources, including CRM. 66% of marketing experts say that using data allows them to devise better offers, content and experiences.

Strategic decision making

Just as data is applied to nurture a better relationship with the audience, advanced marketing instructs and empowers companies in the strategic use of this information to make better business decisions or to develop market intelligence that allows them to stand out from the competition.

This, taking into account that the MIS also stores, classifies and analyzes data, both from the market and from competitors, which gives brands a clear idea of how their product or service is catalogued or positioned.

Process Automation

Another great advantage in the implementation of advanced marketing is the automation of various processes to avoid excessive and obsolete manual work. In this way, both sales and marketing can create a workflow of qualified leads automatically, allowing teams to concentrate on creating better strategies or increasing sales numbers through a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Making the leap to advanced marketing in 2021 will bring enormous benefits to businesses. However, its implementation can sometimes be complex. In view of this, the best thing to do is to turn to a consulting service that accompanies the teams throughout the process, in order to learn the best practices that allow the development of the best growth tactics and strategies.


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