More than 72 % of internet users between the ages of 15 and 70 are online shoppers. E-commerce has experienced this year its highest historical share due to the coronavirus pandemic. The number of online shoppers has grown by 15%, in part due to new consumers over the age of 65 and the growth of fresh produce sales on the Internet.

The question now is what will happen once the COVID-19 crisis subsides. There is a new normality, in the sense that we have defined new work and study habits and the way we relate to each other. This is why there will be a before and after in the way we market, and this implies that we will also have to adapt; whether or not this trend survives will depend on the feeling we have in each one of us.

The digital opening in commerce has highlighted the differentiation of three types of consumers: those who only store online, those who are suspicious and prefer to go to physical stores, and those who combine digital transactions with face-to-face shopping, which are the ones that have grown the most during the pandemic. Even so, consumer habits will remain the same or will change depending on the individual. For example, there are different types of applications for doing sports, and we have been forced to use them during confinement, opening up the possibility of a new business model; however, we have seen their particularities, advantages and disadvantages, and from this, while some will continue to do sports from home through these applications, others, on the contrary, will prefer to do it again from the gym.

One of the aspects that have stood out the most during the pandemic is the proliferation of companies that market their products or services on the Internet. Companies must be prepared for change, be flexible, and adapt to new circumstances; however, sometimes this means renewing or dying. Companies that only sold physically and did not have an online channel, with the pandemic they have only been left with the option of implementing this tool. A type of venture, of exit, of opportunity, that has generated the emergency situation.

Both for businesses that have adapted to the digital environment and for those who are thinking of starting up online, these eight basic tips for achieving business success should be taken into account:

Define your target

Define very well which is the target or public to which the product or service is destined. Demographic parameters such as gender, age or even place of origin must be defined. Although digital businesses can reach everyone, consumption habits are different according to the inhabitants of a given country. It is also important to assess the socio-cultural and economic profile of the potential customer and their digital behavior to define where and how to promote.

Promote the product or service well through social networks

The way to publicize services or products has changed: we can no longer do what we used to do. Part of the marketing or communication of now is done through digital platforms, and not existing technologically disconnects from the market, limits and does not open the possibilities that may have a technological basis. Sometimes it is necessary for a good expert to take care of it. One of the main problems when starting a business is that economic resources are scarce and you have to think well about how to prioritize them. Investing in a good promotion in social networks is something to consider.

Make a business plan

Make a business plan in advance where the competition is detailed and well analyzed. You have to know how to find the differential factor, what makes you different from the competition and what you know adds value to your product or service. You must also compare elements of similar companies, such as shipping costs -which can determine whether a person ends up buying a product in one store or another-, return conditions, product catalog and prices.

Provide the user with a good online experience

That is to say, that the web is navigable and intuitive, a space where it is easy to find what we are looking for. It has to be adaptable to any online device and secure. Today there are tools to create web pages in a simple way. However, we must take into account variables such as the choice of colors and typography, which must be in accordance with our corporate visual identity, apart from favoring the experience of the potential buyer, and the placement of the elements in our web portal.

Be flexible and adaptable

In the times in which we live, a very important characteristic is to be flexible and adaptable. Times, tastes and shapes change at a faster rate than in previous years. The objective is to satisfy the consumer with the products or services that one offers. Once you have created your online business, you must continue to analyze the audience, the environment and the competition.

Generate trust in the buyer

It is very important to obtain information from the customer both before and after the purchase. Knowing how their experience has been, what their needs are and how they can improve it is essential to continue growing. It is necessary to take into account that there is still a percentage of the population that does not trust online purchases. Our company’s mission is to generate trust in the buyer and a good way to do this is by listening to them.

Have the support of a mentor

It is important to find someone who can accompany you in the process of undertaking. It should be noted that increasingly the results show that companies or businesses that receive mentoring have better results. So studies conclude that mentoring is critical to success.

Define the pain, the claim and the gain

Define very well what is the pain (what problem or need there is), what is the claim (what does the person offer through his product/service related to the problem or need) and what is the gain (what does a client earn with this product or service, what does the client get and what does the competition not yet offer). Solving these three questions, there is a great way to go. The next step will be to create the message with which we can attract the customer to our store with the intention that he buys our product or service.


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