The coronavirus pandemic has transformed teleworking from a working option to a total need for businesses in order to remain productive while ensuring workers and public health protection.

This new reality certainly offers some advantages, such as more flexibility and the comfort of working in one’s own space and at the time of one’s choice. Eventually, however, one quickly realizes that excellent time management and organization are required to function correctly in these strange cases we’re living.

Create a workspace in your home

Find a place in your home that you can turn into your personal workshop. Gather everything you need to do your job with ease: a computer, charger, notebook, pen, comfortable chair, etc. Make sure there is good lighting at the place you choose. It may be tempting to work from the bed or the couch, but an improvised “workspace” in your home will make you more productive. Once you sit down in this designated place in the morning, you will know that it is time for work.

For example, if you work as a voice actor from home, then you should have created your own recording space. In this area, you will isolate yourself, and with the appropriate concentration and attention, you’re going to record all the voice parts that have been asked of you. You will have set specific limits and rules in that area, which no one should break at home. This way, you will be able to stay productive and efficient in the working hours.

Especially in a job that requires your utmost attention and concentration, so that the result is the best possible. Voice acting is a promising profession with several career opportunities that many people choose to practice from home. Through Voquent agency, one can join its ever-growing cast of actors, provide voice acting services, earn generous salaries, and finally succeed in the evolving media and entertainment industry.

Organize your work properly

Teleworking does not necessarily mean that the employee has complete freedom to set personal goals and to set their own achievement times. The supervisor still remotely evaluates the results of the work of the employees who belong to his team. But when you work from home without direct supervision, it is sometimes difficult to fully meet schedules and priorities. Set your personal goals based on what has been agreed with your boss. Start your day by setting and prioritizing your pending and obligations and the actions that need to be done during the day or the next period of time.

Keep the balance between work and personal life

Under the current circumstances, work and personal time are very easy to exploit each other, to the detriment of one side or the other. It is essential to maintain the necessary balance, otherwise, your productivity may soon be significantly reduced due to the so-called “burnout” or, conversely, because you do not devote the time needed for your work.

Stay focused

Try to work focused on one goal at a time. If you are thinking of something else that might be just as important, keep a quick note and come back later. In any case, keep the TV off for as long as you work and avoid all the “temptations” that make you procrastinate. You know what we’re talking about—the so-called cyberloafing.

Use online applications or even more traditional ways to better organize your work

Most companies now have all the necessary systems and programs to operate in remote environments. Use Skype, Teams, or similar video conferencing applications, and save your work to your company SharePoint so you and your entire team can access the data, files, and information you need to perform your tasks. The most traditional solution is to keep a notebook next to you, so that you can write down any ideas you have during the working day, without losing your concentration. You can trust us on that, it works.


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