Unsplash has announced that it is being acquired by Getty Images, a well-known professional image banking service, without disclosing the terms of the deal.

Unsplash is a well-known platform that allows creators of photographic works to upload their own for free distribution and use by others, including for commercial purposes, under the Unsplash license, which is incompatible with Creative Commons licenses.

No one is harmed by this operation

This platform also became one of the alternatives to Flickr at the time when it was acquired by SmugMug, with the well-known and controversial changes in the free accounts that made many people leave it, losing relevance along the way.

Now, under the Getty Images umbrella, nothing will change at Unsplash, which will continue to maintain its independence, although they will now have more resources to accelerate their growth plans.

Mikael Cho, Unsplash CEO, comments that they have been having conversations with the Getty Images team unofficially since 2016, without initially being sure that Getty Images had the same vision as them, something that has been changing over time.

So from now on, a new chapter opens up where the two services will join hands to accelerate their growth plans, although for users they will continue to operate independently.

Cho could never have imagined what he has achieved starting in 2013 with the publication of ten images on a Tumblr blog, reaching that today, there are more than two million high quality and high resolution images on Unsplash that have been contributed by people from all countries.

It will only be a matter of time before the fruits of this acquisition come to fruition, which seems to be promising.


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