Tesla continues to deliver very positive sales results, both for the company and for the transition to electric mobility. Positive figures were expected but it has set new records both for the first quarter of the year, but also surpassing the fourth quarter of 2020.

The sales figure is especially significant since at the end of February the company was forced to stop one of the Model 3 production lines due to a significant shortage of chips. In addition, with the Model S and Model X updates, they are not selling many of these models, only liquidating remaining stock.

Hence the surprise in the number of units sold during the first quarter of 2021. Analysts’ predictions varied quite a bit, ranging from the difficulty of surpassing the number of the same time period, but in 2020, to those who assured that it would surpass the previous quarter.

Those who advanced a number higher than the fourth quarter of 2020 were the ones who got it right. Tesla delivered a total of 184800 vehicles during the first three months of 2021, the highest in its history.
Model S and Model X production is not counted since not a single vehicle of these models was produced.

Year-over-year growth in vehicle production and deliveries remains at 110%, and 2% when comparing last quarter to this quarter. The internationalization of Tesla’s car manufacturing, with the opening of the factory in Shanghai is having an increasingly important impact on the company’s numbers.

We will see a second significant milestone at the end of 2021 once the factory in Berlin is up and running and Model Y deliveries are made within Europe. The same once the Texas factory starts operations and Cybertruck sales begin.

The growth in Tesla’s vehicle deliveries over the years can be clearly seen if we take data from all of the company’s operating quarters since its inception in 2012:

With the renewal of the brand’s most premium models and the start of vehicle production in Europe, we can look forward to a very positive 2021 for Tesla.


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