A new study by Sensor Tower has estimated the average amount of money that each American iPhone user has spent on the App Store during 2020, and the result may surprise you: 138 dollars per year.

Considering that last year that estimate was $100, it means then that we have a 38% year-on-year increase in these expenses on the hands of iPhone owners in the United States. It represents an acceleration in spending, as the growth from 2018 to 2019 was 27%.

The bulk of that spending increase has impacted gaming, where it has gone from $53.80 to $76.80 (an increase of 43%, you can tell we’ve been looking to entertain ourselves during pandemic confinements). But on a percentage level we should also note a significant increase in spending on social networking apps and photo and video apps.

And in which games has the most money been invested? Well, in the Puzzles category ($15.5 annual average) and Casinos ($13.10 annual average). Or what is the same: in games like Candy Crush and gambling. Now that Apple will start to tighten the screws on the privacy that all these applications must guarantee, it will be interesting to see if these applications continue to collect so much revenue.



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