It seemed that no one could fight against the home entertainment giant, but the truth is that the end of Netflix’s reign could be a little closer. For some time now, all the streaming platforms have been battling it out for the prized throne. Amazon and HBO have been playing hardball for some time now, but the entry of Disney+ into the market turned everything upside down for good. The mouse company is playing hardball and it shows.

210 million subscribers.

That was the figure Netflix had planned to reach by the end of the first quarter of the year. Six million new subscribers were to sign up for the company’s services between January and March. However, the balance has been slightly less than four. Netflix is struggling to reach 208 million users, which is an impressive figure. However, the signs of attrition are already clear. The pace of new sign-ups is slowing and stagnation seems near.

Meanwhile, Disney+ has surpassed 100 million users in a year and a half of life. It is estimated to be around 12 million new sign-ups every quarter for the next few years and it won’t be long before it starts taking subscribers away from Netflix. Is a new era approaching?


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