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PS5 stock is going to remain low until 2022, even if Sony ramps up production


It is very possible that you already have a PS5, Sony’s new generation console, in your home. Despite the stock difficulties, with the passage of time there have been many people who have been able to get a unit.

However, it is also true that there are still many people who have found it impossible to get it, due to the need to be attentive to store notices, offers that fly instantly and all the problems around. And it seems that the situation is not going to improve.

As reported by Bloomberg, Sony explained to a number of analysts that the PS5 will continue to be in short supply until 2022. In a briefing after releasing its latest financial results, the Japanese company made it clear to experts that it is challenging to keep up with strong demand.

“I don’t think demand is easing this year and even if we secure many more devices and produce many more PS5 units next year, our supply would not be able to catch up with demand.” So assured Hiroki Totoki, CFO, to members present and in video call.

It is important to put into context the situation that is seriously affecting the global technology industry. Most of the companies are being affected by the tremendous shortage of semiconductor components, a fundamental part for the construction of devices.

Sony, Microsoft, NVIDIA or the world of mobile devices are suffering from a situation that does not seem to have a solution beyond the long term. Totoki explained to analysts that Sony needs to ramp up production as soon as possible and make sure there are consoles on store shelves.

PS5 has achieved strong sales in its first five months of life, surpassing even its predecessor PS4 in the same time period. All this in a pandemic situation, which points out that if there were normal production and access to the console, the figures would rise exponentially.


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