The Covid-19 pandemic dealt a severe blow to the Australian economy and businesses are now looking at ways to survive. One of the methods of making your business more profitable is introducing strict pre-employment screening.

Employers in Queensland are at the forefront of this new trend and here is what they’re doing to make sure the employees they hire are an asset and not a liability. Nobody can afford liabilities at a time like this.

The need for employment background checks

More and more employers in Queensland are making pre-employment background checks mandatory, even if they are not required by law to do so. The benefits of routine national police checks are many.

For instance, criminal history checks like a QLD police check can assist to eliminate the risk of hiring people unsuitable for a job. If you run a delivery company, you cannot afford to hire a driver with prior convictions for alcohol consumption or other traffic code violations. Hiring a driver with an alcohol problem means inviting trouble. What if they have an accident? You’re looking at property loss and you might even find yourself dragged into a claim suit if the injured party accuses you of negligent hiring.

Another benefit of background checks is avoiding trouble in the workplace. If you hire an employee with a history of sexual offences you put your female employees at risk. Once again, you might be targeted by a lawsuit, not to mention the public scandal that would accompany such a suit. Bad publicity means loss of revenue, something you definitely want to avoid.

There’s also the question of potential theft or fraud if you hire a person with prior convictions for these types of offences. A simple background check can tell you if a job applicant was ever convicted of such things or if they have ties with known criminal organisations.

Common trends for employment screening in QLD

Employment screening trends in Queensland currently consist of criminal history checks, employment reference checks, right to work checks and others as stipulated for the particular work role.

Criminal history checks like national police checks assist the employer or decision maker to see if there are any criminal records on the candidate’s profile that may impact the inherent requirements of the job they will be entrusted with. Employment reference checks assist to get past references about other employer’s experiences with the candidate. Right to work checks are also essential as they give an idea about the legal work rights of an applicant in Queensland or Australia in general. Employers can cop hefty fines from the Department of Home Affairs if they employ illegal workers.

Education credential checks

These days it is very easy to forge documents so some Queensland employers make sure to verify all the information on an applicants’ CV. It is very important to check if they did attend a certain school and they have the right qualifications for the job. Also, you need to check with their past employers to see what responsibilities they had at their former job.

If you hire someone who is not right for a job, they will likely quit early or in a worst case scenario, you may have to dismiss them at some point (if there are valid reasons to do so) and this results in a high employee turnover, which is also a drain on your company’s finances.

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