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Four classic quotes that will make you a master investor

BusinessFour classic quotes that will make you a master investor

If there is something to know about everything that surrounds the financial markets, it is that this is about psychology and not so much about economics… Those who buy, sell or remain indecisive are affected by psychological factors that position them on one side or the other of the market. The problem is that no one ever knows which side they should always be on. That’s why these classic quotes below will help you become a true master of finance.

Investor’s quotes

October: a particularly dangerous month to make investments. Other dangerous months are: July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August and February (Mark Taiwan): On the one hand, this phrase clearly shows that there is always risk and danger in the stock markets, but on the other hand, it aims to highlight that October is the most volatile month of the year, in fact five of the ten largest historical falls of the Dow Jones were in this month. It is also worth noting that in October, statistically, the big market floors are formed, which put an end to the sharp declines that began in September (statistically the most bearish month of the year).

The fastest way to double your money is to fold up your bills and put them back in your pocket (Will Rogers): This sentence is probably a cold water for those who get into the “little world” pushed by the easy money sold by movies whose central theme is the adventures and misadventures on Wall Street, promoting the idea of wealth and maximum ostentation… There are two ways to be rich with the financial markets: the first is to previously possess a great fortune and the second is to assume a lot of risk… but sooner or later whoever risks a lot constantly loses everything.

Invest only what you can lose without that loss representing a change in your current or future life (Peter Lynch): Although it is not mentioned, what Lynch highlights is the clear existence of the risk involved in financial markets and as a result, we must adopt a responsible attitude with ourselves and not risk those amounts on which our daily life depends. In this way, we may not earn as much, but in return it will give us greater security to continue participating in the race for the long term.

And one bonus track: A fool and his money don’t stay together for long (Gordon Gekko).


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