After 6 years in operation, YouTube considers its role within the platform to be over. And now they will refocus their attention on initiatives that drive creator-generated content.

The YouTube division, which was founded more than 6 years ago, to create original and exclusive content on the platform, will close. Recall that YouTube Original was one of the proposals that invested large budgets to create new content.

First, investing in content creators and influencers, who gave programs like Scare PewDiePie (a series that was canceled). And of course, it also invested in Hollywood-style productions, such as Cobra Kai.

An initiative that had several changes as the years went by. For example, in August 2019, YouTube announced that all Originals content would be available for free to all users. Of course, with some limitations, since it would have to leave some advantages to YouTube Premium subscribers.

But beyond advertising or having to wait every week for a new episode, the content was available for free. In April 2020, YouTube Originals announced that it would release new content with situations related to the coronavirus. An initiative that was mainly aimed at getting users to donate to different organizations.

However, in 2020 we also saw productions such as Cobra Kai move to another platform, as YouTube Originals abandoned fiction. And now definitely the division, YouTube Originals will close its doors.

As mentioned by Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s business director, Originals played an important role in growing the community of content creators. However, they believe there are other initiatives to invest in that will have much more impact on creators. For example, they mention Black Voices, Creator Shorts Fund and Live Shopping.


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