In 2012, Google announced a change in G Suite, its platform for business applications. Specifically, the company switched from offering a free service to distributing a paid version with the aim of including more features and applications for workers or students. However, it maintained the possibility for users who already had a free version to continue without paying for a G Suite plan -now known as Workspace-. A benefit for older customers that, unfortunately, will end soon.

The company is sending an email to its customers informing them that those users who still have a “legacy G Suite free edition” plan will have to pay for Google Workspace starting July 1. Those affected will be able to begin the transition as of May 1, as the email states, and will have the ability to choose which plan best fits what they need. In the event that they do not activate a subscription manually, Google will apply one of the plans automatically.

On the other hand, customers who keep their free G Suite plan will have to choose a paid plan by July 1, 2022. Google will then be able to initiate the switch. If they fail to do so, the account will be disabled, although it can be reactivated once a billing method is implemented.

Google will also offer a 12-month discount to all those customers who have a free G Suite plan and will pay to use the features focused on businesses, organizations and students. Currently, and without taking into account the discounts, Google Workspace plans range from 4.68 euros per month for the most basic accounts, to 15.60 euros for the Business Plus plan, which includes up to 5 TB of storage and additional security features.

In terms of functions, Workspace retains the features of G Suite, such as the ability to apply a custom domain. Google, however, highlights that additional features are added in the paid plan. These include more storage, 24-hour support and enhanced security.


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