Tesla has no plans to announce any vehicles this 2022. This has been confirmed by Elon Musk, CEO of the company, in the usual call to investors after announcing the results of the fourth quarter of 2021. The electric mobility company, therefore, definitively confirms the delay of the Cybertruck to 2023, as advanced by some reports just a few days ago.

The firm will also not launch this year the Tesla Semi, the electric truck whose commercialization was also scheduled for this 2022. According to Musk, the introduction of new cars, such as the Cybertruck, would mean a decrease in the production of current models. He makes it clear that the goal this year is to increase the production of those vehicles that are already on the market. The executive, in addition, also wants to focus on improving total autonomous driving. “I would be surprised if we do not achieve full autonomous driving safer than a human this year,” he stressed.

The company, let’s remember, has been dealing with different problems in the production of the Cybertruck since practically its launch. This has inevitably led to various delays in its commercialization. The electric pickup should have arrived in 2021, but Tesla finally delayed it to 2022. Now, according to Musk, production will start in January 2023. It is basically a question of priorities, as implied by the South African tycoon. “Had we had a new car last year, that would have required a level of attention and resources that would have resulted in fewer vehicles delivered. And the same is true for this year,” he mentions.

In parallel, Elon Musk has confirmed that the company is not yet working on the development of the Tesla Model 2, the $25,000 vehicle planned for a 2023 launch. However, he has assured that they will do so “at some point”. Therefore, plans to launch an affordable electric model are still on the table. One of the objectives of this economic car was to boost sales of Tesla vehicles, something that does not seem to worry Musk. The head of the American company assures that they will continue to sell as many vehicles as they can produce, as long as the price of these “does not change at all”.

Proof of this are the record results for the fourth quarter of 2021, with an increase in revenue of 65% over the same period last year. The Model 3 also remains the most successful Tesla vehicle in Europe.


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