The mobile video game industry has been evolving for many years, and even Google with Play Pass and Apple with Apple Arcade have opted to offer subscriptions for lovers of this format, who can benefit from them. According to the latest data, it is the platform with the highest revenue, surpassing the combination of computer and console games, a revealing figure to say the least.

Mobile games account for 52% of the market.

According to data from a report prepared by Newzoo, smartphone games, in combination, generated more than $90 billion in revenue last 2021, accounting for 52% of the video game market.

This platform generates more money than the combined console lineup such as the PS5, Xbox Series X or Nintendo Switch combined with the revenue generated by computer games, which is also one of the top platforms for gaming. After all, virtually everyone has a smartphone, but not a console or PC gaming.

2021 global games market

In this regard, the Asia-Pacific region spends the most on its mobile games, either on the games themselves or in-app purchases, with a total of $59 billion, 64% of the total. In Europe, with 10% of total spending, $9.3 billion was spent, while in North America, spending was just over $19 billion.

Globally, the number of people with smartphones is expected to continue to grow, and these could reach 5 billion users by 2024, making it the largest potential video game market in the world, and not surprisingly, it is achieving great results in terms of revenue.


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