According to close sources, Google is focusing on offering its cloud gaming technology to other companies such as Capcom or Bungie under the name ‘Google Stream’.

Just a year ago Google announced the closure of its internal video game development group for Stadia, a division responsible for providing the streaming platform with new games specifically designed for the service. At that time the company announced a shift in its strategy, focusing on offering a cloud gaming service instead of betting on internal developments. Now, twelve months after that decision, it seems that the company’s tactics have changed again and it is now focused on putting its streaming technology at the service of other companies.

According to sources related to the matter, Google has shifted its focus to securing agreements with video game companies that want to use its technology to publish streaming titles without having to go through Stadia. Apparently, the firm would have established the brand ‘Google Stream’ to present the project to companies such as Capcom or Bungie, which would have already given the green light to the use of cloud technology. It should be recalled that the codename of Stadia was precisely ‘Project Stream’.

In this way, Google would be trying to offer a service similar to that already provided by other companies such as Ubitus, which is responsible for providing the cloud gaming technology for most of the cloud versions we see on Nintendo Switch, such as Control, Hitman 3 or A Plague Tale: Innocence. The head of Stadia would be trying to leave aside the commercial side of its cloud gaming platform to focus on this type of internal support, unrelated to the service; that is why, according to these sources, Stadia would no longer be a priority for Google, so it no longer strives to get agreements with third-parties for its platform.

A definitive farewell to Stadia?

This information, coming from insiders, would not mean the definitive end for Stadia, at least for now. For the time being, the cloud gaming platform continues to receive new releases month after month, both free games for Stadia Pro and releases that arrive at the same time as the other platforms, as well as new features ranging from new apps for TVs to limited-time trials …

… but Google’s graveyard is full of projects they promised not to abandon.


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