People search for everything on Google, including information about the ideal job, and thanks to that data it is possible to create a list of what people want most in the world of work.

At Google they have analyzed search trends to get an idea of what has caused many people to leave their jobs in the United States in 2021 in search of other opportunities, a trend they call the “Big Quit” of 2021.

Many people have searched the world over for “how to quit your job,” and many have also searched for “how to become,” such as “how to become an astronaut” and other phrases that help to get a sense of what is the most searched for in this regard.

From January 2021 to January 2022, here’s what followed “how to become”:

– Real estate agent
– Flight attendant
– Notary
– Therapist
– Pilot
– Firefighter
– Personal trainer
– Psychiatrist
– Physiotherapist
– Electrician

They have analyzed trends in the U.S., where they saw how in different states there were different trends. People in the South and Midwest were interested in becoming notaries, while in the Northeast, North Midwest and West they were interested in real estate careers.

They also analyzed search trends related to professional certifications and training programs:

– Google Data Analytics Professional Certification
– NCMA certification
– Child development associate certification
– Eyelash technician training program
– electrician training program
– real estate training program
– barber training program

As you can see, by analyzing Google data it is possible to find information that can be very interesting for governments, because from them it is possible to create training programs that feed the work environment with what people really want.


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