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OneWeb contracts SpaceX after breaking with Roscosmos

BusinessOneWeb contracts SpaceX after breaking with Roscosmos

OneWeb contracts with SpaceX for remaining launches of its Internet access satellites after severing relations with Roscosmos

One of the many consequences of the sanctions imposed on Russia after the invasion of Ukraine was that OneWeb broke its contract with Roscosmos to launch its Internet access satellites. So they had no choice but to look for other options because there are not many rockets around. And finally they have announced that SpaceX will be in charge of the remaining launches.

OneWeb had made 13 launches with Roscosmos and managed to put 66 percent of the planned satellites into orbit. When everything blew up, it still had five more launches pending for its first generation of satellites. SpaceX will carry out these launches starting in 2022, although no dates have yet been given, nor is the cost of the operation known.

SpaceX and OneWeb compete in the satellite Internet access market, but not head-on: the former is more oriented towards selling the service directly to private customers, while the latter is aimed more at governments, communications operators and other institutions. Although either of the two is not averse to some agreements that put it in the other’s field. But what goes around comes around, and SpaceX could use the millions paid by OneWeb to partially finance Starlink.

Meanwhile, Dmitry Rogozin, the director of Roscosmos, shows his opinion and demonstrates why he is not a person worthy of being at the head of a national space agency as important (so far) as the Russian one.



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