CNN+, Warner Bros. Discovery’s streaming news service, disappears after only one month of service

CNN+ celebrated its launch on March 29 with great fanfare. Some even described this platform as “the biggest thing since Ted Turner founded CNN in 1980”.

Well, the reality is that the news network had a better reception at the time than its streaming counterpart has had now. The shadow of failure was soon cast over CNN+ when the lukewarm reception data it had obtained became known.

Warner Bros. Discovery has decided to close down before the hole gets bigger. The platform will cease broadcasting next Saturday, April 30, one month and one day after its debut.

CNN+ had a monthly cost of $5.99, and $59.99 per year. In addition to news, it offered documentaries and current affairs programs of all kinds.

What is puzzling in this case is that Warner Bros. Discovery’s strategy is not to have several independent streaming platforms, but to bring together services in a single one that offers a lot of variety.
In that sense, HBO Max is merging with Discovery+ to offer much more varied content, joining hit series such as Euphoria or Game of Thrones with content such as American Detective.
Most likely, although this already takes us into the realm of theories, is that part or all of CNN+’s content will end up being incorporated into HBO Max. This would expand the platform’s content arc with a world-leading news service.

CNN+ has beaten Quibi’s record, which lasted just six months after the initial subscriber promotion ended. This shows that the so-called “streaming wars” are relentless, and that not everything goes for launching a new independent streaming service.

Once the euphoria of the platforms that brought confinements has passed, even leading services like Netflix can suffer some heartbreak, as we learned this week.


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