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Elon Musk will buy Twitter

BusinessElon Musk will buy Twitter

Twitter’s main shareholders and Elon Musk come closer and the company is already negotiating its sale to the tycoon

It seems that they have been thinking about it and perhaps they chose to wait for a higher offer but, given the firmness of the offer, in the last few hours the main shareholders of Twitter and Elon Musk have come closer and the company that owns the social network is already negotiating its sale to the richest man in the world. The company responds to the proposal made by Musk in mid-April to acquire Twitter for 43,394 million dollars.

This has been confirmed by ‘The Wall Street Journal’ and ‘The New York Times’. According to these newspapers, the eleven members of Twitter’s board met until the early hours of Monday morning to discuss the offer and the details of the transaction.

On April 4, the entrepreneur acquired a 9.1% stake in Twitter, thus becoming the social network’s largest shareholder. Musk refused to join the company’s board and launched a counter-offer to buy the entire platform for just over 43 billion dollars.

In this regard, the tycoon informed the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that he had guarantees worth $46.5 billion (€42.919 billion) to finance an eventual acquisition of the company created by Jack Dorsey.

Thus, to finance the operation, Musk detailed a series of agreements with entities, as well as the commitment of Morgan Stanley and other firms to provide a loan worth $25.5 billion (€23,536 million).

Although the million-dollar proposal did not initially convince Twitter’s main shareholders, the deal could now be closer than ever.


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