Why is email still essential in the enterprise in 2022?

There are legacy technologies that we continue to use even though they are no longer as effective or revolutionary as they once were. In a world of fully connected companies, email has become a problem for many organizations.

The main problem is that it is a tool that many employees spend a great deal of time managing. And it’s not exactly productive. The number of messages received in a company can account for a significant part of the working day.

And if poorly managed, it can become a brutal time thief. There are other tools that help improve communication, make it more agile, such as Microsoft Teams, or Slack, but also WhatsApp, for example, and yet mail remains indispensable despite its inefficiencies. But what makes us so attached to this tool in the 21st century?

It is a universal communication tool

The truth is that nowadays we can say that email is universal, i.e. everyone has an email account, even if it is only to register their cell phone. And it is easy to manage not only the sending of messages, but also of documentation that is often needed in companies. Regardless of the internal communication tool that a company uses (Teams, Slack, etc.) the only protocol that all of them are sure to handle is email; it would be ridiculous to ask a company if it has an email address.

In addition, we can say that it guarantees a certain amount of privacy, or at least the user feels that way. Other tools such as WhatsApp do not offer that confidence to deal with certain economic, fiscal issues, etc. Would you pass your account number to your manager by this means?

On the other hand, everyone in the workplace knows how to send a message through this medium. Are we going to send a new contract through Teams even if we communicate with our clients through this tool? And to communicate a dismissal? For these “official” questions, email is still irreplaceable.

Advantages of email in the company

The truth is that email gives us something that other tools do not have so developed, such as the ability to store messages and conversations, where it is reflected what was the request of a client four years ago and now that he has changed his mind and demands something we have something in writing that supports us.

It is also very flexible in the organization, since in many companies the mail is archived by years, by clients, etc. so that it is very easy to find messages, data, etc. referred to any subject, besides being able to do it of course by date.

In addition, this organization can almost be automated so that messages are archived according to certain rules that we have created, labeled, etc. In other words, the maintenance and organization of our mail can be done simply and quickly.

Finally, it is the usual formula for electronic administration notices that is increasingly implemented in local and national organizations of all kinds.

Inconveniences of email in companies

The main problem with e-mail is that in many cases it is poorly or very poorly managed. And we spend too much time managing useless messages. Or getting rid of unwanted emails, simply because we once subscribed to a list and now we never unsubscribe.

Also an abuse of endless threads where it is very difficult to keep track of the decisions that have been taken on a particular issue.

In many cases these emails also affect us in a tangential way, when we are in copy to be informed, but reading the whole thread is often a sterile work. Despite years with this tool, not everyone is clear when to put in copy or not to another and often are added only by a principle of better than you get.

Finally, despite years with this model or precisely because of it, there are companies that have not yet adequately resolved the transition from mail only on the office computer to multi-device.

And sometimes it generates a lot of wasted time due to the use of older protocols that cause us to receive the same message that we have already read from the cell phone on the office computer or that the response we send is not saved on the laptop and then does not appear in the main file of our desktop computer.

It is true that we can change the way we manage mail, but many companies are still reluctant to do so. The attachment to the mail file saved on our computer, where we do not have space limitations often wins out over the rest.


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