If you’ve set up an online store that you’re actively trading from in 2022, you’ll now be turning your eyes to increasing traffic and revenue from the sales generated by that traffic. If that sounds relatively simple, you’d be surprised how difficult it is to actually shift the dial in your favor. The online world is, after all, absolutely crammed full of businesses that are vying for consumers’ attention. Here’s how you’ll capture more of it through partnerships you might not have considered previously.


There is a huge argument to suggest that all e-commerce stores should really be partnered with a marketing agency. Such agencies are designed to take the weight off your shoulders in terms of getting your marketing done for you. They might charge you relatively high rates for their services, but they only feel bold enough to do so because of the rates of return on your investment that they’re confident they can generate. Speak to experts in programmatic marketing from nuancedmedia.com to see how they could help you, your store, your brand, and your bottom line in the coming weeks and months.


Smaller online stores tend to manage their own logistics, packaging up their products by hand from home and getting them sent out with either private couriers or the local postal service. The problem with this technique is that it’s not at all scalable, and at some point in your growth, you’re going to need to outsource the packaging and delivery to a third party. You’ll find that there are several expert companies in this space who can get your products wrapped and delivered in super-quick time, which is good news for the happiness and satisfaction of your customers.


It would help if you also considered hosting not only your own online store, but also an online store on the biggest e-commerce giants in the world. Amazon and eBay, for instance, are right up there when it comes to e-commerce platforms that are visited by hundreds of millions of consumers per day. If you’re not leveraging that level of traffic, you may well find that you’re missing out on the next big boost to your sales. It’s easy to set up profiles and stores on the larger e-commerce platforms, but if you need assistance, there are firms out there who can do this for you.

Media Experts

Some online stores are selling fantastic products, but haven’t done a good job of showing them off online. You’ll notice this from time to time: there’s a cheap product for sale that you think might suit your needs, but the photographs are so awful that you decide to go for a more expensive alternative. If those photos had been of better quality, taken by a creative partner who knows how to present online products for sale, you might have made a different purchasing decision. The same goes for products in your store and how you can show them off as best as possible to consumers in 2022.

Partner in these four expert fields to grow your e-commerce business in 2022.


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