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Musk ends telework at Tesla

BusinessMusk ends telework at Tesla

Elon Musk ends telework at Tesla because he believes it is lazy and imposes at least 40 hours of work week

Elon Musk does not want his employees to telework, and he has made it very clear in an internal communiqué sent to Tesla workers, in which he points out that remote work is no longer acceptable, that the electric car manufacturer’s professionals must spend at least 40 hours a week in the office and that, if they do not agree with this decision, they will have to leave the company, according to Bloomberg.

The South African-born tycoon has said through his Twitter account, when asked by a user about people who think that going back to the office is old-fashioned, that “they should pretend to work somewhere else“. In other words, Musk believes that telecommuting is not productive and the office is.

Musk’s work culture. Musk’s statement is further evidence of the extremely competitive work culture at Tesla, which has been reported before and which he practices with himself.

For starters, he implies that his employees must work more than 40 hours a week to keep him happy. Second, in the post he also claims that working 40 hours in person “is less than what we ask of factory workers.” And thirdly, the tone of the letter is blunt: either you comply or you get out, there is no room for negotiation.

Elon Musk to Tesla team No more remote work
Elon Musk to Tesla team: No more remote work

Musk’s leaked email also shows that some of the fears of Twitter workers after learning of the sale of the company to the tycoon, now in question, were not unfounded. In addition to their stated willingness to change the platform’s moderation policies, the social network’s employees were uneasy about the possibility that the sale would cause them to lose one of the job advancements they value most: being able to telecommute forever.

Twitter workers expressed concern at the time because they were aware of reports of the work demands Musk has installed at all of his companies, requiring employees to sacrifice their personal lives for the good of the organization, according to Fortune. Now, those fears seem to be confirmed, because, although the elimination of telecommuting only affects, in principle, Tesla, it is likely that the bad image that the tycoon has of remote work will also splash the rest of his companies.

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