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Tesla lays off hundreds of employees dedicated to the development of Autopilot

Tesla’s wave of layoffs does not stop. The automaker led by Elon Musk laid off 200 employees whose responsibility was to work on the development and improvement of Autopilot, its autonomous driving system. In addition to being one of the largest cuts Tesla has made, it is also surprising that it occurred in such an important area for the company.

The affected workers, who worked at the California facility, were notified of their layoffs during the course of Tuesday, June 28. Most of those affected specialized in Autopilot data analysis. Another group of employees who managed to keep their jobs was transferred to another office, but they continue to breathe an atmosphere full of uncertainty.

On June 21, Elon Musk warned that a wave of layoffs was approaching at Tesla. His plan is to reduce the global workforce by up to 3.5%.

The first cuts have affected software engineers and staff in the human resources department. In fact, the latter area lost Bobby Berretta-Paris, who until just a few weeks ago served as recruiter and president of the LGBTQ+ community within Tesla. His dismissal evidently caused countless criticisms against the company because this could provoke a hostile environment against minorities.

While reducing the workforce by 3.5% entails the departure of many, many employees, Elon Musk points out that within a year Tesla will have an even larger workforce. The reason? They are growing their operations in markets beyond the US.

After today’s layoffs, it will be interesting to see how the development of Autopilot progresses with a team that has lost, for the moment, 200 people, although presumably they were employees whose activity was expendable at this point, since as mentioned above, Tesla’s autonomous driving system is a key part of the company’s future plans.


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