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Trial between Twitter and Elon Musk


Twitter wins first battle against Elon Musk and there will be a speedy trial next October

What seemed to be a love story has ended up turning into an event that seems comparable to the mythical movie The War of the Roses. The failed ‘marriage’ between Elon Musk and Twitter has left a flood of unforeseeable consequences, which will begin to be known from next October, after the first hearing of the trial between the billionaire and the social network was held this Tuesday. A full-fledged divorce that has had to end up in court to find out who will win the ‘other trial of the year’, after that of Amber Heard and Johnny Deep, which the actor won.

Twitter has managed to get justice to rule in its favor and a speedy trial will be held next October, when Elon Musk had in mind to finalize the purchase of the social network if he finally acquired it. This first step has been a blow for Musk, who had requested to delay it until February 2023, in an attempt to prepare his defense well. However, having lost the first battle, it only remains for him to win the brief war he will face in court next fall.

The reason Twitter has asked to hold the trial before the end of the year is because Musk, when he intended to buy the social network, set October 24 as the deadline for acquiring it for 44 billion euros. In the event that Twitter manages to win the trial in October, they want that ‘pre-agreement’ to become effective as planned.

Why did Elon Musk backtrack?

When it was announced that Elon Musk would buy Twitter, the company rose sharply on the stock market, reaching record highs, but now it is worth less than half of those figures and the South African billionaire does not want to keep his word if it means paying more.

In the public eye, the tycoon blamed his change of heart on the fact that he wanted to know in advance the number of bots or fake accounts on the social network. This generated intense debate, since there were rumors that Musk would end up backing out if the number of fake accounts was too high. But the exact figure he was asking for was not even known, possibly because he did not ask for it when he made his offer of 44 billion, but the issue came up later, when he was no longer so interested in the purchase. Sounds like a cheap excuse.

The tycoon eventually gave up on the purchase of the social network, accusing the managers of providing him with “false and misleading” information. As soon as it became known that he would not buy it, the president of Twitter declared war on the owner of Tesla and assured that they would go to court. And that’s where things stand now, with Musk preparing for the battle to begin, and Twitter struggling to survive in a war that, if they lose, could be the beginning of its end.


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