Apple smartphone

High-end cell phones

Two out of three high-end cell phones are from Apple, and that's a problem for Android manufacturers The economy is driven by many strategies. Many companies choose to have high margins and lower sales and...
Medical laboratory

How Will A Degree in Clinical Molecular Diagnostics Help Your Career?

Clinical molecular diagnostics is a type of medical laboratory that specializes in the detection, analysis, and treatment of diseases through personal or family health histories. They target specific areas like molecular biology or molecular virology...

Bitcoin plummeting

The collapse of the bitcoin price also has positive facets that benefit us all The collapse of the price of all cryptocurrencies, and bitcoin in particular, is constantly appearing in the media. Given the immense...
Euro Coin stablecoin

Euro Coin, new stablecoin

Euro Coin, the new euro-based stablecoin whose value will have parity with the euro Last week, Circle announced that on June 30 it will launch Euro Coin (EUROC), a new stablecoin whose value will remain...
Tesla factory

Musk ends telework at Tesla

Elon Musk ends telework at Tesla because he believes it is lazy and imposes at least 40 hours of work week Elon Musk does not want his employees to telework, and he has made it...
Partnerships to Help Your Online Store Grow

Partnerships to Help Your Online Store Grow: A Guide

If you’ve set up an online store that you’re actively trading from in 2022, you’ll now be turning your eyes to increasing traffic and revenue from the sales generated by that traffic. If that...
Air force airplane aircraft Airbus A400M

Defense sector on stock markets

Defense sector survives on stock markets thanks to Ukraine invasion It has been a year in the red in the evolution of the main global stock markets. A reality marked by the inflationary component that...
Google cyrilic

Google Russia bankruptcy

Google's Russian subsidiary to file for bankruptcy after Kremlin blockade Google's subsidiary in Russia plans to declare bankruptcy and stop operating in the country after authorities seized its bank account. The Kremlin's crackdown on the...
Mail keiboard companies

Email in the enterprise in 2022?

Why is email still essential in the enterprise in 2022? There are legacy technologies that we continue to use even though they are no longer as effective or revolutionary as they once were. In a...
Cryptocurrency crash

Cryptocurrency crash

Cryptocurrency crash: LUNA drops 99% and its subreddit fills with suicidal messages (and Bitcoin, below $27,000) For some weeks now, cryptocurrency prices have been in turmoil, but in the last few days things have only...


US Army in Poland

NATO’s Eastern Flank

Titanic movie

Titanic Re-release

Dollar banknotes

Fight inflation