6 Tips to Progress Your Nursing Career

A successful career is something that most people crave and spend a great deal of time developing, only to find that their movement up the career ladder is slower than they thought. There are those...
Embedded Business Intelligence Software

Choosing the best Embedded Business Intelligence Software

Business intelligence (BI) helps turn the data companies collect and store into practical insights that users across the organization can incorporate whenever they need to make decisions. Embedded BI brings the functionality of this software...

El Salvador’s Parliament approves the legal tender of bitcoin

The Parliament of El Salvador has approved Wednesday the legalization of the use of bitcoin, which will be legal tender in the Central American country alongside the dollar, as confirmed by the Legislative Assembly...
Mark Zuckerberg

European Commission launches antitrust investigation against Facebook over use of advertiser data in Marketplace

The European Commission has just confirmed that it has opened an antitrust investigation into Facebook. The institution wants to check whether Mark Zuckerberg's company has violated EU competition rules by using data obtained by...
Boarding pass

Tips for organizing a business trip

Organizing a business trip involves taking a large number of details into account, since this is the only way to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that the team members feel comfortable at all...

EA signs former Call of Duty general manager to work on Battlefield

Electronic Arts has its sights set on the growth of the Battlefield saga. To this end, the company has made the first moves to prepare the new chapter of this war action IP: it...
Content marketing

Content marketing: 5 essential steps before spending the first penny

Digital marketing has opened the doors to many strategies that can be very useful for businesses. The reality is that, unlike traditional marketing, digital or online marketing is much more accessible. The investment you...
Large solar plant

Who would want to build a mega solar plant in Montana?

A company is developing a project in Montana (USA) to build one of the largest solar plants in the world. With a cost of 250 million dollars, it intends to generate 300MW of renewable...
Metro Goldwin Mayer logo

Why did Amazon buy the MGM studio?

Amazon has purchased the Hollywood studio Metro Goldwyn Mayer. The purchase price was 8.45 billion dollars, which makes it the second largest purchase made by Amazon in its history. The question is, what has...
Sports team bus

Tips for choosing the perfect sports team bus

Whether people are gearing up to invite their rivals for the next tournament, getting a group together to cheering on their favorite professional team, or taking charge of a sports event, booking the perfect...
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