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The best ways to advertise your company

As a new organization or old, everybody knows that the best way for your company to be noticed in the advertising world is through the use of promotional products. Not only does this allow...

Different Types of Security Training

There different types of security training depending on the requirement of the company that is hiring you, the training centre, and the specialities that you want to pursue. This article will look at different...

Top tips to help you recruit the best employees

A company is nothing without the people behind the scenes who run it. The better your employees, and the better that they can work together, the more success your company will see. Hiring the...

Basic Tech Items Every Small Business Office Needs

Running a small office means buying a lot of tech items. Now that most offices have gone virtual, or use cloud tech, the need for many tech gadgets other than handheld devices have disappeared....

Intermodal vs multimodal transportation

Modern transportation of goods can occur both in one type of transport and using several types, that is, they can be unimodal, intermodal and multimodal. Everything depends on the type of goods, the time...

Theranos: the biotech company of the “ten billion dollar fraud” will disappear

The biotechnology company that promised to revolutionize blood tests with a promising and technological system, Theranos, comes to an end. Its founder, Elizabeth Holmes, took less than a year to go from being considered...

Trucking industry

Getting Into Trucking? Information You Need To Know First Getting into the trucking industry can be a great opportunity for many different types of people. Training is usually pretty straightforward, you don't have to have...

Mitigate the complexity of cross border transactions

Importing goods to other countries is in and of itself an involved process, but this becomes compounded when the materials being shipped fall into sensitive categories such as dual-use and controlled use. These shipments...

Key Elements of Reputation Management and Brand Identity

If somebody leaves a bad review about you or your business online, it can be incredibly damaging. Luckily, through good reputation management services, you are able to mitigate some of this. However, this should...

6 Creative Packaging Design Trends for 2017

It seems 2017 is shaping up to be a prime year for original packaging design. There are thousands of new and redesigned products on the shelves making use of effective, stylish packaging ideas. Design...
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