The winds change again for Bitcoin: it marks its historical maximum

Almost three years ago, in December 2017, Bitcoin was on everyone's lips, after reaching a historic high of $19,786, which was 16 times the value of the crypto currency in April of that year. After...
Windows 7

The danger of keeping obsolete computers in the company, security failure in Windows 7...

When we talk about renewing computer equipment in companies, it not only has to do with having more powerful and capable equipment to perform the required tasks, but also more modern operating systems that...

Why has Woocommerce succeeded?

The Internet is becoming more and more crowded with online stores. But did you know that many of them operate under WooCommerce, and that this one is so simple that, without having technical knowledge,...

Bitcoin sets record in capitalization, breaking the 2017 record

We have been a few weeks with the joy of being back in the bitcoin. First it approached and exceeded $14,000, figures that had not been seen since the beginning of 2018, and in...

Can you change your domain name without losing SEO positioning?

When we have to face the change of a domain, one of the most important challenges is to maintain the SEO positioning gained, either for the same target keywords or for new ones. Here are...
Apple logos

Apple lowers its commission to 15% for small developers

Apple announces a change in the App Store's commission policy. Developers who earn less than $1 million per year will pay 15% from January 1, 2020, instead of the current 30%. Through the 'App...
Scrooge McDuck

Disney Plus exceeds 73 million subscribers in its first year

It has been almost a year since Disney Plus was born in November 2019. Despite its short lifespan, the service has been a total success for the Mickey Mouse company. According to its financial...
Keys to creating effective digital content

Keys to creating effective digital content for your business

Every minute more than 500 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube, more than 350 thousand tweets are published, more than 180 million emails are sent, more than 400 thousand contents are posted on...
Web servers rack

How do I choose the ideal hosting service for my company’s website?

When we are going to start a digital business or create the web for our company, it is essential to choose a suitable hosting service according to the objectives we have set. Let's see...
Email marketing

How to improve the opening rate of your email marketing campaigns?

The email campaigns are increasingly strong, people thought that it would become an obsolete channel, but today it has been proven that companies classify it as a favorite channel because of all those advantages...
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