Stop hate for profit on Facebook

PlayStation joins the Facebook boycott #StopHateforProfit and withdraws its social media advertising campaign

Sony has joined the #StopHateforProfit campaign by announcing that it is withdrawing its paid and unpaid promotion on Facebook and Instagram - also owned by Mark Zuckerberg - until the end of July. This...
Copywriting for SEO

Copywriting for SEO: How to write for Google

The quality of the copy always: it is as important as having good pictures, a page that works well or that loads quickly. They are essential elements in the user experience. Yes, we talk about...
Apple News

The New York Times leaves Apple News to sell all its subscriptions directly

At the time of writing this article, we have filed a request for inclusion in Apple News for several weeks but have yet to receive a response. Let's see if they'll let us take...

Would you like to use your artistic skills to sell handmade products on Instagram?

If you're great at making handmade items, and you're also fluent in social media, you've just found an excellent business idea. Even more so if you consider that during the months of confinement, internet use...
Mixer logo

Microsoft closes Mixer to partner with Facebook Gaming

Microsoft announced the cessation of operations of Mixer, its video game streaming platform with which it intended to compete with Twitch and YouTube Gaming, yesterday afternoon, Monday June 22nd. The Xbox company will completely...
Stock market during COVID-19

Why would stock prices increase when the number of COVID-19 cases is rising?

As the COVID-19 outbreak spread in March, stock market prices plunged. Then, in a move that seemed irrational to some observers, markets bounced back. Why would stock prices increase even when the number of...
COVID-19 hospital bills

High-deductible insurance plans may have relatively high out-of-pocket costs for COVID-19

That’s despite the fact that many insurers have waived their cost-sharing requirements. For their study, the researchers analyzed out-of-pocket costs for pneumonia and other upper respiratory illness hospitalizations from January 2016 through August 2019 as...
Whatsapp payments

WhatsApp launches its own payment service in Brazil

WhatsApp has over 2 billion users and is the second most used social network in the world after its "mother" Facebook which is used by 2.5 billion people. Facebook is widely monetized and is...
Library seller

What is conversational marketing?

What is a sale if not a conversation between seller and buyer? This interaction is much more evident in retail when the shop assistant listens to what the potential buyer wants, advises him and tries...
Empty bar by coronavirus

Coronavirus makes restaurant business models change

The restaurant is much more than a food business. It is a space for meetings, for people to get together, a space where social life flows. Going out to eat is almost always the...
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