Minecraft Creeper Crunch

Minecraft raids a new market in the U.S.: cereal! and gives away game codes

Minecraft will never go out of style, or so the data indicates, the title released in 2011 is still in full swing in 2020 with over 200 million copies sold. This explains how its...
Website in some devices

How to adapt an online store for smartphones

Mobile phones are becoming the ubiquitous universal device, whether we like it or not, and this also applies to ecommerce. That's why it is inevitable to have to address, sooner rather than later, the...
Business women with smart phone

What is mobile marketing?

The concept of mobile marketing, as defined in Wikipedia, is a multi-channel online marketing technique focused on reaching a specific audience on their smartphones, tablets or any other related device through websites. It includes...
QR code business card

Sharing contact via QR code on WhatsApp, the new digital business card?

In the 21st century and a digital world, the card is still a reminder of the past, to which in one way or another technology has failed to improve its functionality until now, because...
Mobile shopping

Mobile shopping in ecommerce

The impact that smartphones are having on the lives of billions of people is brutal. And it's a tool with which you can do a lot of things. Among other things, you can buy....
jobs not from home

75% of Americans have jobs they can’t do at home

A new study finds that about three-quarters of US workers, or 108 million people, are in jobs they cannot do from home during a pandemic, putting these workers at increased risk of exposure to...
Stop hate for profit on Facebook

PlayStation joins the Facebook boycott #StopHateforProfit and withdraws its social media advertising campaign

Sony has joined the #StopHateforProfit campaign by announcing that it is withdrawing its paid and unpaid promotion on Facebook and Instagram - also owned by Mark Zuckerberg - until the end of July. This...
Copywriting for SEO

Copywriting for SEO: How to write for Google

The quality of the copy always: it is as important as having good pictures, a page that works well or that loads quickly. They are essential elements in the user experience. Yes, we talk about...
Apple News

The New York Times leaves Apple News to sell all its subscriptions directly

At the time of writing this article, we have filed a request for inclusion in Apple News for several weeks but have yet to receive a response. Let's see if they'll let us take...

Would you like to use your artistic skills to sell handmade products on Instagram?

If you're great at making handmade items, and you're also fluent in social media, you've just found an excellent business idea. Even more so if you consider that during the months of confinement, internet use...
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