More than half of Activision Blizzard’s income comes from micro-payments

Most of Activision Blizzard's revenue between July and September 2020 comes from micropayments on its games as a service, such as Call of Duty: Warzone and Candy Crush Saga, as represented in the financial...

What is a digital trafficker?

The digital sector is one of the sectors that moves the most over the years, even several times a year. That's why new professionals are emerging to help in digital marketing. This has been...
Apple ring

Apple makes record profits thanks to Mac and Services and announces that Apple One...

Apple has closed the fourth and final quarter of fiscal year 2020 ended September 26th with revenue of $64.698 billion, a record figure achieved despite the fact that the launch of the iPhone 12...
Restaurant app

Restaurants 2.0: digitization of menus as an opportunity to improve the customer experience

The COVID-19 has radically changed the way people consume in bars and restaurants. The measures imposed in the de-escalation, such as the replacement of paper cards by QR codes, have been extended in the...
Balloons for promotion

4 ways to use balloons in a professional event

Balloons are one of the most popular decorative accessories available. And in large part this is because they are eye-catching, fun, and inexpensive. That's why they have also become a great advertising ally in professional...

4 reasons to study an MBA

"Why should I study an MBA? This is the question many students ask themselves after finishing university, after doing a master's degree, or simply after years of work and experience in a company. There are several...
Printer ink cartridges

Which is the best printer for teleworking?

You will have to choose between laser and inkjet printers, color or monochrome, and print only or multifunctional devices. You will also have to decide whether to buy or rent a printer, with all...
Productivity software

What is the tool for managing tasks, projects and teams?

The correct organization and planning of projects is the first step within a company to achieve the objectives set, on time and with profitability. Assigning tasks, managing functions and promoting internal communication is the...

3 easy ways to find keywords related to your business on Google

The search for keywords is one of the basic pillars in a basic positioning strategy. On the Internet and due to the nature of our own business, we have multiple options to find these keywords. However,...
VoIP for companies

Advantages and disadvantages of VoIP for businesses

Before upgrading to VoIP from a more traditional business phone system, companies should know the advantages and disadvantages of business VoIP. No new technology is free from some disadvantages. The same applies to VoIP, although...
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