Tesla once again breaks earnings records in the third quarter of 2021

Tesla once again reports record numbers, marking the second time it has surpassed $1 billion in net income during a quarter, after achieving it last quarter. The company generated $1.62 billion. The figure is...

What does influencer marketing fraud look like?

Since influencer marketing became a major discipline within marketing and since brands are increasingly using it as a strategy that can provide a high ROI in their campaigns, a large number of frauds and...
Commercial port

Port chaos in the United States

Goods are taking forever to reach their destination just two months before Christmas and with Black Friday just around the corner. Dozens of cargo ships wait up to 12 days at anchor off the...

Names of several major bond financiers of giant Evergrande revealed

Financials Blackrock, HSBC and UBS are among the biggest bond holders of Chinese real estate giant Evergrande, according to data shared Thursday by research firm Morningstar. The firm, which has analyzed the Evergrande exposures...
Fortnite in the App Store

Apple is ecstatic as Epic announces it will appeal after “losing” App Store lawsuit

Unveiled late on Friday, Epic Games and Apple parties have already made their thoughts on the App Store lawsuit ruling known, which helps us interpret who wins and who loses from it. Epic has announced...

6 Tips to Progress Your Nursing Career

A successful career is something that most people crave and spend a great deal of time developing, only to find that their movement up the career ladder is slower than they thought. There are those...
Embedded Business Intelligence Software

Choosing the best Embedded Business Intelligence Software

Business intelligence (BI) helps turn the data companies collect and store into practical insights that users across the organization can incorporate whenever they need to make decisions. Embedded BI brings the functionality of this software...

El Salvador’s Parliament approves the legal tender of bitcoin

The Parliament of El Salvador has approved Wednesday the legalization of the use of bitcoin, which will be legal tender in the Central American country alongside the dollar, as confirmed by the Legislative Assembly...
Mark Zuckerberg

European Commission launches antitrust investigation against Facebook over use of advertiser data in Marketplace

The European Commission has just confirmed that it has opened an antitrust investigation into Facebook. The institution wants to check whether Mark Zuckerberg's company has violated EU competition rules by using data obtained by...
Boarding pass

Tips for organizing a business trip

Organizing a business trip involves taking a large number of details into account, since this is the only way to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that the team members feel comfortable at all...
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