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Stolen money in NFT and crypto

The money lost in scandals related to NFTs, DAOs or crypto since the beginning of 2021 is around $9.5 billion in the last year alone For some, the so-called web3 is the most promising future...

Ukraine’s GDP destruction

Ukraine is being virtually destroyed, and the war has led to a mass exodus of its inhabitants and will cause its economy to fall dramatically The war in Ukraine has been going on for two...
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CNN+ failure

CNN+, Warner Bros. Discovery's streaming news service, disappears after only one month of service CNN+ celebrated its launch on March 29 with great fanfare. Some even described this platform as "the biggest thing since Ted...
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Amazon: 0 taxes 2021 in Europe

After earning €51 billion from sales in Europe in 2021, Amazon paid €0 in taxes Amazon posted €51.3 billion in sales across Europe in 2021, which is a record sales figure, after growing by 17%...

Netflix loses subscribers

For the first time in its history, the streaming service Netflix is losing subscribers, and is already looking for alternatives: paying less with advertising, and paying for shared passwords Although it continues to offer high...
Work video calls

Work video calls

Bosses think turning off camera during work video calls is a bad idea Faced with the large increase in video calls as a result of the pandemic, many workers experienced an exhaustion associated with them...
Elon Musk

Elon Musk enters Twitter

Elon Musk becomes Twitter's largest shareholder: buys 9% stake for $2.9 billion Elon Musk is the most powerful person on Twitter. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has bought 9.2% of Twitter shares for a...
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The NFT bubble

One third of NFTs are "dead" and one third have caused losses to their original purchasers The NFT boom is deflating. Or, rather, the bubble that has been created around them. The analysis firm Nansen...

China’s tech bubble is bursting

Tencent, Alibaba and many other Chinese tech companies lose value due to Chinese Communist Party takeover The days when its big tech companies were soaring and booming seem to be behind us. Xi Jinping clipped...
Online learning degree

How to Excel in an Online Degree

Doing an online degree is vastly different from studying a normal degree. Rather than attending classes and sharing dorm rooms, you gain access to your program’s material online. You attend classes online, communicate with...