Employees at work

How to Hang On to Your Most Valuable Asset: Employees

Many businesses underestimate the value of their best employees. They take out key-man insurance to protect against the possibility of a director or senior manager becoming indisposed for any reason, but if one of...
Security in the office

Danger! Danger! Security tips for your office

“Danger! Danger! High Voltage!” sang 00s’ rockers Electric Six, but they severely underestimated the sheer variety of ways your safety can be compromised in your workplace. Fire, floods, crooks, vandals, trips, slips and falls –...
IT network vitualization

The Benefits of Virtualisation

Virtualisation is a key tool in the efficient and cost-effective managing of an IT network. With its origins in the use of large mainframe computers and the technique of partitioning computer hard drives so...
Art in office

All you need: for a spectacular workplace

Grimy walls, slumped employees, sputtering desktops and browning washrooms – if this is an accurate description of your office then it’s time to shape up or watch your business descend into destitution. Indeed, when hip,...
Customer review

How to Use Reviews to Find the Best Business Venue

Reading online reviews is a great way to find the products or services that you're searching for and have the confidence to make the purchase. After all, you can go by other people's experiences...
Car in Texas

How Do Car Title Loans in Texas Work?

There are many different loan constructions out there. One of those is the car title loan. This type is becoming increasingly popular and basically means that a borrower puts up the title deed of...
Flexible learning

How has Flexible Learning Contributed to the Increase in MBAs?

Studying for any kind of degree isn’t what it used to be; there are now hundreds of course styles and resources that allow us to fit studying a masters around our lifestyles and, ultimately,...

How gaming apps have become a market leader in the mobile industry

Mobile phones have become one of the most in-demand gadgets in the electronics industry, with millions of people across the world clamouring for the latest model to improve their quality of life. Modern handsets,...
Wallet full of pounds

What Do Britons Spend Their Money on? New Research by Money Saving Website

Recent research by UK money saving website VoucherCodesPro.co.uk has revealed that the spending habits of the average Briton varies dramatically depending on where they live. It showed that Londoners most love eating out, whereas...
Business loans

A wide array of loans for meeting your commercial needs during tough times

The economy of our nation is going through a tough phase and hence individuals, households and businessmen should always be aware and cautious about facing any kind of precarious financial situation. The economy may...