Mobile marketing

Why Mobile Marketing is Vital for E-Cig Companies

The advance of mobile technology has changed the way that people not only stay in touch, keep up with the news and manage their daily lives, it has also greatly influenced the way that...
Short-term loans

The Short Term Loan Suitability Test

Short term loans are all the rage at the moment, with payday loans, car title loans and similar methods of finance being at the peak of popularity. Gone are the days when one had...
Content words

Content Is King for Web Development Companies

Website development firms once had one task and one task only; to make websites. Now, with the internet changing and demanding so much more from companies, many are taking their services to a different...
Employees salary

Your Employee’s Salary Is Hard To Determine Properly

There are hundreds of thousands of small companies out there that do not properly pay the people that work there. This is something that is really common. In most cases we are faced with...
Customers retention

Four Must Haves for a Customer Retention Loyalty Program

The popularity of reward and loyalty programs increased in recent years and moved from the retail sector to other industries. Casinos, hotels and other entertainment companies now offer reward programs as a way to...
Working space

Creating an Efficient Work Environment

Whether you telecommute or manage a large office, first priority is always an efficient working environment. If your office or workspace isn’t conducive to the best work you and your employees can offer, you...
Cloud computing for business

Mobile Computing and The Cloud Can Help You Build Your Business

Modern business moves at the speed of light. Companies find their need to compete means being able to respond in real time with employees who can work on the go. Mobile computing in the...
Modern website design

How to make your website stand out in 2015

The new year is upon us and we're already looking forward to the rise of new trends, be they in fashion, music or even web design. The latter is one that's of most interest...
Efficient clinic

8 Ways to Make Your Clinic More Efficient

Is your clinic understaffed and overworked? Does the waiting room resemble a war zone filled with screaming children, strewn magazines and inexplicable stains on the walls? If your office feels more like a whirlwind than...
Home working distractions

How to Avoid Distractions When Working from Home

Whether you’ve left the corporate world and decided to start your own business, or finally convinced your boss that letting you work from home for a few days each month is a good idea,...